Kabode Alphabet Bedding Review

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Kabode Alphabet Bedding at a glance

The Alphabet collection inspires your little ones' imagination and curiosity to learn their ABCs. The bedding range includes quilts, fitted sheets and bedding sets, all made from 100% organic cotton. Featuring colourful letters along with images to excite and explore, the beautifully designed, hand-stitched quilts are sure to make the cot bed the centrepiece of your nursery.

How did this product make your life easier?

Tenayha: The bedding is a lovely quality and design. Makes life easier as a mum as was very easy to wash and quality of material did not deteriorate after being put through the washing machine! Also so easy to put bedding back on the cot bed, makes bedding changes easier and quicker! Also the quilt doubles up as useable on the cot bed and also a snuggle blanket for the sofa too which is a bonus!

Holly: It is good fitting as it’s hard to find cot bed size sheets in the shop and lovely design can be used as unisex. I will definitely use it again for my other children. The duvet is a good size and fits perfectly in the cot and cot bed. The packaging is lovely and makes easier to store especially with the handles on it.

Mhairi: It's great to have gender-neutral products that can be used for either my son or daughter. The bright design is eye-catching and suitable for both boys and girls. The product is overpriced as I would certainly think twice about paying that much for a double bed bedding and duvet set, never mind a cot bed.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Tenayha: The product has a lovely design, perfect for a boy or girl! Had lots of compliments about the bedding from fellow mums! The quality is also nice and soft which is perfect for little ones! Also easy to fold and store away! We took the quilt with us on a weekend away and was very easy to fold up and take with us.

Holly: I would recommend to other mums for using this as it unisex so can be used for both genders. It’s lovely material and nice design it also is for a cot bed cot so it fits perfectly on the mattress. The duvet cover is good material and comes in good packaging It is also good for children with learning as it has ABC on it.

Mhairi: The bedding came well packaged in recycled cardboard boxes with a string handle. They were well presented and felt a bit more 'expensive'. They wash and dry well and fit the cot bed easily. I'm not sure I would recommend it to a fellow mum because of the price and I am reluctant to recommend products that I'm not convinced are safe. This is because I prefer to use sleeping bags to decrease the risk of suffocation etc with a blanket.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Tenayha: The one thing that stood out for me was the beautiful product design and good quality material which was lovely and soft for little ones to have on their beds! Although I loved the product quality and design I do feel the price tag may deter some mums from purchasing the items as the £35-75 price tag may not be affordable for all mums. I do also think you can purchase similar quality and nice items for a cheaper price elsewhere!

Holly: Yeah I think it is good product and I would choose it in store. As it is good for both genders and perfect fit. I think parents would buy this because it comes as a package and also the duvet matches it. And it’s perfect for both cot bed and toddler bed so they can use it through more stages. It also washed lovely.

Mhairi: Although I think the bedding is eye-catching, colourful and gender-neutral, I probably would not buy it. It is expensive for what it is and I prefer to use sleeping bags even in a cot bed. I am reluctant to use a duvet and pillow with my children even though they are now a little bigger. I do like the packaging and the colour, as did my children.

What changes would you make to this product?

Tenayha: I think the one thing that could put mums off from purchasing the items would be the price as compared to other products on the market, these are more on the expensive side. I think a slight decrease may mean the item would be more attractive for mums. Affordability as well as quality is a big thing for us mums and every little helps!

Holly: The pricing I feel it’s a bit expensive as some parents would probably turn away because of the price of it. I would do a deal to get it all together in a package at a cheaper price. Also be good to be sold in a supermarket or famous online search engine as I have not heard of them until asking to review it.

Mhairi: I feel at the moment it's an unnecessary purchase. I would probably change the price point as I feel it is expensive for what it is. If the price was something a lot more reasonable I would be more willing to buy it. The other issue is that I have twins and need double, so I would need to buy matching sets for both children. I prefer to use a sleeping bag.

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