AVEENO Baby calming comfort Review

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AVEENO Baby calming comfort
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AVEENO Baby calming comfort at a glance: 

Specially formulated for your baby's delicate skin. Gently cleanses and helps calm your baby before bedtime. Blended with soothing natural oat extract, a soft aroma of vanilla and the calming scent of lavender. For a complete bedtime routine, follow with a relaxing massage using AVEENO® Baby calming comfort® bedtime® lotion. Paediatrician & Dermatologist tested. Tear-free and pH-balanced.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Corrie Fenner says: The body wash and body cream smells nice without being over perfumed. It leaves baby’s skin feeling soft and rehydrated after a bath. The bath wash doesn’t leave a bath scum like other baby wash products sometimes do so it doesn’t require washing down of the bath after it’s use every day. The plunger on top of the body wash makes for convenient access when keeping baby safe in the bath.

Amy Fowler says: This is a nice product to have as a mum because it smells lovely and doesn’t feel too heavy or greasy so is enjoyable to use with the baby and also leaves your hands feeling soft and smelling great! I don’t know if it really does have a calming effect on its own, but using it as part of the bedtime routine made me focus on creating a quiet atmosphere and doing a bit of baby massage to apply it which I’m sure did help to relax my baby.

Charlene Glews says: These are such lovely products and smell so nice I have enjoyed trying these products. I was apprehensive at first to use the products on our 3 month old twins as previously we had just used warm water. However, I was pleasantly surprised that our little ones were fine with these products and they did help settle them after having had a bath using the products.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Angela Hyslop says: The bottles are easy to use and the pumps distribute the perfect volume of product. The lotions smell wonderful and they can be used on all types of skin from newborn upwards. The lotions feel thick and luxurious and can be used by the whole family. The lavender smells are supposed to help to calm before bedtime.

Laura Kane says: The packaging is nice. Like a straw coloured organic feel that makes it stand out as a premium more natural product amongst the clinical white bottles of lotion. The pump makes it very easy to use and more hygienic as not rinsing it off. The smell is great for it to be used after a night time bath me and baby love it.

Alana Law says: I would recommend the product to a fellow friend or mum due to being able to pump the solution out with ease. The fragrance is also delightful and it really makes bath time a luxury for the baby with the lavender giving a calming affect. Lastly the design is classy and looks luxurious on your bathroom shelf.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Laura Kearney says: I am normally completely loyal to a different skincare brand as others made my older daughters eczema flare up, however this seems to have really helped our bedtime routine, and allowed us to catch up on some precious sleep! It really helps to create a calming bed time, and leaves my sons skin lovely and soft (and smells beautiful too!) It also seems to work well on my older daughters eczema prone skin and has not given her any flare ups.

Corrie Fenner says: Would I choose this product over Johnson’s, yes. Would I choose this product over child’s farm, probably not as it is more expensive and they are both fabulous, hypoallergenic products. It’s a lovely bath product and so is the body cream however the area that is stopping me recommend it for the gold award is my concern over the price. Babies are expensive enough without the high price of their wash products.

Charlene Glews says: I know they are more expensive than most products we have used in the past however I do feel that Aveeno are worth the extra ££££. As mentioned above the products smell lovely and have a calming effect on our little ones. I feel these products should win as much as they are more expensive I do feel that you get what you pay for.

What changes would you make to this product?

Amy Fowler says: I don’t think I would change anything about the products inside the bottles as they are really nice to use for adult and child. The only thing that could possibly improve usability is if the moisturiser container had a pump system to dispense it, so it could be used one handed while your other hand can be used to support the baby.

Laura Land says: I think the only thing I would change about this product would be the design of the bottle / label. Personally although I know this doesn’t really matter, if I’m paying a premium for this product I’d love for it to be a little more aesthetically pleasing. I think having a sleeker design for the bottle and more modern labelling this product would be more appealing to the current generation of instagram mummies.

Angela Hyslop says: The cost of these lotions is slightly higher than that of others on the market. As such, they feel like an extravagant purchase so I would probably only get them if they were on offer. That said, the lotions are lovely and have quickly become a family favourite so it would be helpful if travel sized bottles were also available.

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