Bloomsbury Mill Safari Animals Cot Bed Duvet Set Review

from Bloomsbury Mill
RRP £12.99
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Bloomsbury Mill Safari Animals Cot Bed Duvet Set at a glance:

Create a bedroom that will spark your tot's imagination with Bloomsbury Mill's vibrant and playful safari adventure cot bed duvet cover set. This colourful, illustrated design features all of their favourite animals from lions to flamingos, elephants and more. A fun style that will breathe new life into their room, it's also crafted from an easy-care cotton-blend so it's supersoft and kind to children's delicate skin.

How did this product make your life easier?

Yousra: My three year old absolutely loves this duvet cover. We have had lots of fun counting and naming the different animals. It has made her more excited about bedtime, so is much less of a battle these days! It goes over the duvet and pillow really easily and the snap buttons are of good quality and stay firmly closed, despite the thrashing about of a toddler!

Danielle: I love that the duvet has poppers making it super easy and quick when making and stripping the bedding!! The bedding set is really easy to care for, it washed really well and was easy to iron and great that it can go in the tumble dryer . It has a lovely design which my son loves and he can't wait to get into bed, which makes my life easier!

Nichola: This makes my life easier as mum as it washes really well and then barely needs an iron - if at all! The snap popper fastening makes it easy and efficient when changing the bedding and even my daughter can help out - if she ever wants to! Its great that it comes with a matching pillowcase so that a theme can really occur.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Yousra: We having been trying to get our little girl dry overnight whilst using this duvet cover set, therefore it really has been put to the test with multiple washes and tumble drying. The colours are absolutely as vibrant and the fabric soft as the first time we used it. There has been no shrinkage at all and it folds really easily, requiring no ironing at all.

Danielle: I would definitely recommend this duvet set to friends and fellow moms. The design is lovely and doesn't fade, stays lovely and vibrant wash after wash. The material is soft and again stayed that way wash after wash. My son loves snuggling into it. All in all excellent quality product and great price!

Nichola: I would recommend this for the same reasons that it makes my life easier as a mum. The snap fastening helps me to be quick when changing the bedding [I have 4 beds to make so every little helps]. The fabric is lovely and soft, that washes really well, and also the animals are big, bright and bold so gives a really good talking point at bedtime.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Yousra: This duvet and pillowcase set is excellent value for money. It is a little more expensive than the other toddler duvet sets we have purchased from supermarkets but the fabric is so much better quality. I am really impressed with how well the colours have withstood the repeated washing and tumble drying.

Danielle: I do feel this product should win as the quality of the duvet set is the best of all that I have tried but the standout feature for me is the design and vibrancy of the set and which does'nt fade, great for little ones and actually makes my little boy excited to get into bed which is lovely to see. We also use the safari design name animals, so its educational too!

Nichola:  The animals are great and the illustrations are wonderful, with good details too. My daughter actually wants to go to bed! Yay! The snap fastening feature is really helpful and makes bed making easier and quicker which is always a bonus.

What changes would you make to this product?

Yousra: There is absolutely nothing I would change about this duvet cover and pillow set, apart from having another one! Perhaps they could be sold in packs of two! The price point and quality are both absolutely spot on. I also really like the fact that it is gender neutral as girls are exposed to so much pink. Would certainly buy from Bloomsbury Mill again.

Danielle: I would not change anything about this product we loves the bloomsbury mill safari duvet set for all of it's fantastic features. We will definitely be buying some more of these duvet sets in different designs. Cannot recommend highly enough. We have the cot bed version but its great that the design comes in different sizes too.

Nichola: Currently there isn't anything I can think of that I would change about this lovely product. It is good value for money, does not require much maintenance, but still looks great and my daughter really likes it. I like that it comes with a matching pillow case and wonder if perhaps two could be part of the pack but the fact that it doesn't does not impact on the product at all.

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