Brother Max Bear Carry & Hang Nightlight Review

from Brother Max
RRP £24.99
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by Thought Thought |

Brother Max Bear Carry & Hang Nightlight is a funky, functional product that little ones will love. It’s easy to hold and to hang up, and the recharger is a great idea (the light can be used and recharged simultaneously)! It’s great for midnight toilet runs and the soft glow also makes life easier when checking on little ones when sleeping.

The light lasts for about 12 hours and never gets hot, so children can clutch on to it as they settle to sleep.You can freeze the light on a single colour or select a function that prompts the colours (green, red, blue, yellow) to change every few seconds.

The product's obvious modernity won’t appeal to every parent or child, and the functionality of the light can be a bit fiddly (especially for little ones) but it saves energy and is a clever, unique design that is portable and undeniably attractive. It can be built into a bedtime routine and although pricey could easily become a lifestyle staple.

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Product Information

  • It can be set to a choice of single colours or a gradual colour change.

  • Fully rechargeable and uniquely lasting an incredible 12 hours on one charge.