Reylon Pocket Spring Cotbed mattress Review

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RRP £140
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by Maria Martin |

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How did this product make your life easier?

Jade Alsop says: "This mattress is perfect because it’s suitable from birth up until toddler years meaning I then don’t have to worry about finding another mattress for a while. It is a standard size so fits most cotbeds, giving the flexibility to be used with a wide range of beds that size. It also comes with a removable top cover meaning I can keep it clean and fresh."

Paul Anderson says: "This product has made bathtime easier, our son sleeps better in it as he is better supported. We had reused the initial mattress from our first child and although it was still in good condition it was not as firm as this product. Having a firmer bed has been better for our now 11 month old, he is sleeping better in it."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Elizabeth Andrews says: "Really good quality product that has made my little boy have a really good sleep now. It’s got a water resistant layer which gives peace of mind for any accidents that might have with a baby/toddler. It has also helped to keep him cooler on those warmer nights which also helps him sleep better."

Emma Ashdown says: "Yes i would, it’s lovely and comfortable for baby and it’s safe. It fits the cot bed well. It’s a reasonable price for a pocket spring mattress too. We always have discussions about safe sleep and I will be mentioning this mattress to them. Standard cot bed sheets fit this product as well! It’s also comes well packaged."

Jess Ashley says: "This product is lightweight making it easy to flip when needed, probably more so when used as a toddler matress. It is a good generic size which makes it easy to fit in to most cot beds. My daughter slept well on it so I feel it is comfortable yet firm and breathable. Wasn't boxed so the packaging was easy to dispose of."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Natalie Hansard says: "Yes I absolutely would chose this product above all others on the market. The pocket springs make it super comfy so little one gets a great nights sleep, the waterproof cover is so easy to wipe and also to remove to be able to wash. It is more expensive than other mattresses but definitely worth the spend in my opinion."

Jane Rance says: "I would choose this product for my self it’s very nice and I think having a very comfortable sleep surface is very important, it is after all where baby’s and toddlers spend the majority of their time. It’s got a good bounce to it whilst somehow being soft and firm, the soft touch removable cover is a nice touch too."

Jade Alsop says: "I think this product should win because it’s such good value for money. It will last from birth to atleast 4 years (which could be when the child needs to transition to a bigger bed), meaning you don’t have to worry about finding another mattress until then. I like that it has the removable cover which helps to protect the mattress from getting dirty, and we’re quite often prone to nappy leaks in the night."

What changes would you make to this product?

Paul Anderson says: "If I could change one thing about the product it would be the demensions. The mattress is slightly shorter than advertised meaning that there is a small gap when putting it into the cot. This isn't an issue for us now, as our boy is a bit older but I would have been apprehensive if he was a new born. Additionally the mattress is deeper than most, creating an issue when putting on the standard mattress cover (possibly why the mattress is shorter) and also potentially making it easier for our son to climb out (when the time comes), which will make us switch from cot to bed sooner."

Elizabeth Andrews says: "The cost. The cost of the mattress is a little off putting as it expensive along with all the other things to buy for a baby however if it lasts the four years the baby uses it I guess it’s good value for money. It would be a concern for me when looking for a new mattress for my baby to use."

Emma Ashdown says: "Nothing, you can’t skimp on safety. This product ticks all the boxes in that department. It’s soft it’s firm and fits the cot bed perfectly. My son sleeps well on it and has had good nights sleep on it. It’s a reasonable price for the product and hopefully it will last. It came well packaged from the supplier."

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