John Lewis Spring Mattress for cotbed Review

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RRP £200
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by Maria Martin |

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How did this product make your life easier?

Susan Cooper says: "This is a great product, my daughter has relatively good nights sleeps in it. It’s very firm which is reassuring as a mother to know that my baby is well supportive of her back whilst she’s growing so much. Not sure if it’s her age but she does tend to roll around a bit but I think that’s more to do with her age!"

Caroline Copp says: "This is a very light weight but durable product. It is easy to manoeuvre so setting up in the cot wasn’t difficult and changing the sheets going forwards will not be too difficult as the mattress isn’t heavy to lift or move about. Despite being light, mattress is thick so feels comfortable for my baby."

Jamielee Cowie says: "This product has helped to make my life easier as a Mom as I can put my baby to bed without the fear of it being unsafe. The mattress is flat and firm so I have no worries about her sinking into it or rolling over and not being able to get back onto her back during the night. As well as this i have found that using this mattress for day time naps has helped my baby to sleep a bit longer during the day."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Layne Crofts says: "It is easy to use, fits the cot perfectly and seems comfortable. I especially like the easy to remove and wash mattress cover which is a great feature. It's comfortable, easy to clean and designed to temperature regulate - all great features. It is firm but has a soft top which k like so seems comfortable for baby."

Sarah Crook says: "I have been sent the wrong size mattress this is being rectified however I am unable to test properly due to not receiving the correct size yet. However this mattress feels like it is well made and feels good quality and it feels like it would last a long time rather than just a few months. It feels comfortable aswell."

Helen Crouch says: "I would recommend this product as it is lightweight so can easily be moved in the need when changing bedsheets. It is from a well known company so therefore quality assured. It provides medium firm support with a little bounce , which comes from the open spring coils,which is perfect to provide safety for young babies yet soft enough for an older child in a cotbed."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Victoria Cumberland says: "I would previously tend to opt for the cheaper alternatives when buying mattresses (due to how long they’re used and risk of ruining) however after been given the option to try a more premium product it will definitely change my considerations in the future. The John Lewis mattress is thicker, more comfortable and can be protected and washed easily."

Laura Danvers says: "I would choose this cot mattress as it feels good quality and is a reasonable price at £70 (advertised on the John Lewis website). The mattress feels comfortable and our son slept well on it which is a sign of a good mattress! It is also designed for allergy sufferers as it has an anti-allergy treatment. Also, the waterproof layer and zip-off cover provides reassurance to parents if there are any accidents which is inevitable with children!"

Elizabeth Dapre says: "I’m afraid that at £200 I would not buy this mattress. It is exceptionally expensive and although it is such a good brand I wouldn’t be able to justify that amount when there are other more economical options available. It’s not clear exactly why this is so expensive, perhaps if there was an insert explaining its benefits over other brands it may be easier to argue the cost?"

What changes would you make to this product?

Annmarie Davidson says: "If I could change one thing about this product it would be the price. At £200 it is an expensive item and whilst I do believe that it is a high quality and top end product, it is a lot more expensive than many of its competitors. If the price were to be lowered slightly, I think it would enjoy a larger audience."

Susan Cooper says: "The price needs to be a bit cheaper and maybe a little softer? Include a bit of memory foam. She’s been waking up a lot since we switched over mattresses but again it’s hard to tell as this change has coincided with a leap so she’s been a bit unsettled at night and in the day. But apart from that it’s really good quality and am over all very happy with its performance."

Caroline Copp says: "It’s difficult to think about what you would change about a mattress but features such as natural dyed or organic cotton would be a selling point. Ecological credentials are important to me so information about those would be helpful. I was impressed with the lightness of the mattress so I don’t think it needs changing. My baby slept well so it is comfortable."

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