Lily & Mortimer Organic Cot Sheets & Muslin Swaddles Review

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Lily & Mortimer Organic Muslin Swaddles
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

Lily & Mortimer's muslin swaddles are made with care in their cool, organic cotton, being ultra-soft with breathability. Their cute, elephant print muslin swaddles are soft on their skin and a gorgeous addition for your newborn that can be used for just about anything.

How did this product make your life easier?

Rebecca: A really lovely muslin with many functions. I love the big size of the cloth and used it in several ways during the testing period. I kept it in my changing bag and used it on several occasions. For shade for the pram, clipped it to the seatbelt in the car to stop the sun going in baby's eyes, a cover-up for breastfeeding, a lightweight blanket in warm weather... the list goes on.

Amy: This product is not quite as easy to use as some other products which are available for swaddling babies, for example swaddles with zips may be much quicker to use than manually swaddling the baby in this muslin. However, this was very comfortable for the baby, so I guess you could say that the product improves your life by making it easier for the baby to sleep and not cry!

Eleanor: I absolutely love this product, the large size of the muslin means that it’s suitable for so many different jobs! A swaddle wrap or even a sicky cleaner! A blanket to lay on the grass or a little light cover for the pushchair or the car seat when you’re out and about, it folds so small it’s no problem just to shove it in your changing bag!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jenny: I liked how soft and comfortable the product was. It has a nice design that was interesting for my baby to track and look at. It's easy to transport and has versatility. It's also nice to know they are made with organic cotton with a carefully sourced supply chain. It washed well and multiple-use so not just a swaddle so would earn space in my changing bag.

Mahde: I would recommend the Lily & Mortimer organic cot sheet and muslin swaddles to my friends and other mums as they are great quality, easy to use with a nice simple design. They wash well and keep their shape. I also found it handy and nice that the swaddle came with its own little storage bag. Great for when going out and about until you need to use it.

Lucy: I would recommend this product because not only does it look really stylish, it is so easy to carry around in your changing bag and has so many useful functions, not just a swaddle. It will last for years. It is also made from organic materials which are really nice to know that it isn’t damaging to the environment like a lot of the other baby products which we buy.

Would you choose this product to win?

Abigail: I would choose this product above others because of the material it is made from, it’s choice of subtle design, it’s wonderful bag and size. It is such a versatile muslin and we have already used it as a blanket, breastfeeding cover, burp cloth, play mat and I’m sure we will find many other uses!

Eleanor: I absolutely would choose this product above others on the market! I love the organic cotton, the look, the feel, the design, everything. The price point is great and whilst at first look may seem expensive, once you see and feel the product then you can understand why. I think based on the quality, the size, and the beauty of the product it should definitely win!

Leanne: Yes, in some ways as the print is lovely and it is really good quality for a muslin/swaddle. It has multiple uses which make it a bonus. I have worn it as a scarf and when breastfeeding. The other prints are really pretty too and the quality stands out against cheaper products which aren't as soft.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rebecca: Perhaps you could offer a greater range of designs to be more gender-specific. Although the navy L design did not look out of place for my baby girl, I know others would prefer a pink/gender-specific design. No other real suggestions as the product does everything it should and more and has stood up to testing for durability.

Amy: There is not really very much about the muslin that I would change. The only issue I have with it is the price point is potentially a little bit high. There are other swaddles available on the market which are targeted towards the baby sleeping and are around the same price. I feel that this is perhaps a little expensive for what it is.

Lucy: I’m not sure what I would change about the muslin swaddle as I really do like it. If I was buying I would probably buy one in a darker colour as with children there is always something being spilled to would hopefully hide the stains! I also think the price may put people off as for one muslin it is at the higher end. I think if it was nearer the £10-£15 point it would be more appealing.

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