Lumie Bedbug Review

from Lumie
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

Designed and developed in the UK, the Lumie Bedbug provides all the lighting you need for your child's bedtime routine and during the night. Bedbug uses LED technology for sleep-optimised lighting that helps prepare your child for bed and minimises disruption to their natural nighttime rhythms.

Why do you think this product is so different from anything else on the market?

Caroline: The design of this product is very cute and is a lovely addition to our babies room. The ability to have a dimmable low blue light lamp is perfect for creating just enough light to read a story but not too bright to wake baby up. The lamp does offer a sunset feature but we have found this is too long for our baby so we just use it as a simple night light.

Helen: This product is different because you can be comfortable turning a light on when you feed your baby at night. Previously, I was too nervous about waking him up so I would turn a light on in another room and leave the door open slightly. That often disturbed everyone else in the house. I haven’t seen anything else like this.

Lauren: The Lumie Bedbug has many different settings. You can change the time it is on for whether it is all night or slowly switches off. The brightness levels you can have a sunset with varying brightness and a brighter blue to allow for bedtime reading just before sleep. This caters for all bed time routines. It offers a gentle sleeping regime and maintains peaceful sleep throughout the night.

Why does it change your life with your baby?

Caroline: This has replaced our previous night light because the blue light seems to create a calm nighttime routine.

Helen: When I used to get him ready for bed I would read him a story with a light that I was sure was too bright. Once I turned that off he would be in complete darkness. Now I say goodnight to him and click on the sunset mode and it really does seem to make him calmer. I haven’t used the continuous night light yet. I can see that when he is older and more aware of his surroundings that this might be useful. It has a very nice, low, glow.

Lauren: Since using the Lumie Bedbug, when my baby starts to stir and wake up, she will drift back off peacefully without the need for us to go in and give her either a bottle or cuddles. It has encouraged self-settling and allowed for longer periods of sleep. My daughter has never slept through and would wake regularly. Since using the Lumie bedbug she has slept for longer periods of time which allows us to sleep for longer too!

What excites you about this product?

Caroline: The blue light feature!

Helen: That it looks really cute and can be something that my son uses himself when he is older. The buttons are easy to use and the material of the product is safe. The outside is made of a soft silicone type material that doesn’t ever get hot. Which is great compared to the lamp I used to have in his room that was extremely hot. Even if he does ever pull the electric cord it isn’t going to burn him. I like how it can be built into a bedtime routine – bottle, bath, book and sunset mode.

Lauren: The fact that once we put it on it allows our daughter to get a full night's sleep, not waking up and requiring immediate attention. It has a calming effect on her. It means we can read bedtime stories in a calmer setting, preparing her for bedtime much more effectively than having harsh lighting. It has completely redefined our bed time routine, making it more enjoyable and less of a battle. Even if our daughter doesn't immediately go to sleep, she is calmer and lays down, rather than screaming.

What one thing would you change about this product?

Caroline: The full brightness button is badly placed between the dimmer buttons. We have accidentally turned it on to full brightness. It needs some ridges to identify the buttons in the dark.

Helen: I would have liked an alarm clock for when he is older. The adult versions of Lumie have a light that builds up to wake you gradually. It would be ideal for getting him ready in the mornings. It would then mean that it could be used for children 6+. Also for older children, it would be good if it had a clock so that you can teach them to the time. I did find it quite confusing to use as the instructions were not very clear. Perhaps an official Youtube video on how to use it would help.

Lauren: You could add a low white noise which works for a lot of infants. If this could be integrated so that upon the cries of a child it would come on and slowly fade out after 10-15 minutes, then that integrated with the light might allow some infants to remain asleep throughout the night. This would be an excellent addition. White noise is very calming for both of my children. It would save on buying two sleeping aids if it did all these functions. Perhaps for older children, a soft lullaby instead of white noise.

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