myHummy review

myhummy review

by Lorna White |

The myHummy teddy bear comes with five different calming and relaxing noises, including white noise and pink noise to help. It helps to calm baby down to help them fall asleep if they need an extra helping hand to drop off.

The myHummy overview

As mentioned this bear comes with five different noises; white noise, pink noise, sea waves, showers and heartbeat noises to remind baby of their time in the womb. You can easily adjust the volume to suit your baby, and after 60 minutes, it automatically switches off and enters standby mode. If your baby starts crying again or stirring, it will automatically turn back on again to calm your baby.


Five different sounds

Gently fades out to a stop when switching off

Automatically turns off onto standby mode and detects baby cries

Machine washable

12 hour option

Volume can be adjusted remotely via app



Sleep sensor isn't always sensitive enough

Limited battery life

Key features

Five noise settings

One mum experimented with using this bear on her pregnant belly with some pretty incredible results. 'Playing pink and white noises to our baby boy so he can get used to it and associate with calm, peaceful and safe environment. This is supposed to help him be more successful at settling when he is born. Not expected much to happen as I'm only 21 weeks but...oh my lord! This boy loves "waves" sound. I've been feeling his moves and kicks for few weeks now but only gentle, nothing what could be felt from outside... but today he kicked so strongly that teddy fell off my belly!'

Sleep sensor

The sleep sensor is located within the sound device and is designed to recognise when your baby is crying or about to wake up. The sound device should then automatically turn on at the first sign of stirring to play the last sound produced. With the added benefit of the Bluetooth sensor which connects to the app, you can get to know your baby's sleep habits better. One mum said: 'I would definitely recommend the Bluetooth version which you can adapt using the app. Invaluable at night and the app even has a ‘nanny’ function which sends you an alert if baby makes a noise while you’re out of the immediate area. The bear is certainly pricy but I feel is worth it.'

Another mum however was not impressed with the sleep sensor, saying 'the sleep sensor fails and doesn't kick in until after baby has woken up screaming and I've often picked him up and started settling him before it kicks in (gave up using this feature after only a few nights).'


The sleep sensor device and sound machine is fit into a secure pocket of the teddy, to make sure baby can’t reach it. You can also attach the bear onto the side of the cot so that it won't clutter baby's cot with toys, to make sure they're sleeping safely.

Battery usage

Many mums have experienced problems with the battery life of the device, with one mum saying, 'the battery life is awful; with standard batteries we change them generally once a week. With rechargeable they need changing at least twice a week. Battery level within the app also either displays as full or empty, no in between (despite the battery displaying with 3 bars) and no warning for low battery only find out it's died when baby wakes and the bear is silent.'

Testing the myHummy sleep aid

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How does the myHummy compare to other versions?

myHummy comparison

How does the myHummy compare to rival products?

Many mums compare this sleep aid to the Sweet Dreamers Ewan Deluxe which not only is a bit more affordable than the myHummy, but it also mimics the comfort of the womb with soft pink glow and selection of soothing heartbeat sounds, including the rhythmic shush of a real human voice, proven to help lull babies into a peaceful sleep. ewan Deluxe features a smartCRY sensor, which is cleverly designed to automatically activate when baby stirs. The only major difference is, is that Ewan doesn't come with the bluetooth connected app.

Full product specs

‎3 AAA batteries required

Measures ‎5 x 13 x 24 cm

Weighs 380g

Material: Toy: 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton; Filling: 100% Polyester


If you lose a part of the myHummy? Can you purchase parts separately?

Unfortunately you can't buy parts of the myHummy separately.

Can you control more than one myHummy on the app for multiple children?

You would need to pair an unpair via bluetooth to control each device. You wont be able to control 2 at the same time.

How far does the bluetooth reach?

The Bluetooth reach is up to 10 meters

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