Silentnight Safe Nights Superior Pocket Cot Bed Mattress Review

from Silentnight
RRP £169
Silentnight Safe Nights Superior Pocket Cot Bed Mattress
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

The Superior Pocket mattress features a luxurious mini-pocket and natural lamb’s wool support system that’s firm and responsive to the many changes your baby’s body will undergo during those crucial early years. A safer sleep is ensured thanks to the washable 3D mesh cover that promotes the free flow of air, allowing your baby to breathe more freely through the night. The Superior Pocket also features a waterproof panel as well as a removable and washable cover for when those accidents happen. The mattress comes with Purotex, a 100% natural treatment that combats moisture, mites and allergens for a more hygienic sleeping environment.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Georgi: To begin with, I would have recommended it because it was so much softer than the mattress we bought originally. It doesn’t have a crinkly noise to it either. However, only seven nights later there is a permanent dent where my daughters head lies. She doesn’t move when she sleeps at all so her head is permanently in one position. I wouldn’t expect this from a £150 mattress.

Natalie: My little boy was previously in a 'next to me' crib and seemed to love it so I was a little concerned that the mattress wouldn’t be as comfortable for him. But since moving him into his cot using this mattress, he has slept even better and settles down to sleep fabulously. I know I can pop him into his cot and be confident that he will happily chill out and pop himself off to sleep.

Danielle: I don't think there is anything that about the product that makes my life easier as it is something that is solely used by my child. It is easy to place in the cot meaning the size is correct and compatible with my cot. It easy for me to place the cot sheets on top of it. My child goes to sleep fine on the mattress without any problems

How did this product make your life easier?

Terri: I would definitely recommend this mattress! Although it isn’t a travel mattress, I have taken it with me a couple of times when staying with friends. It’s easy to get around as it’s light and can be folded to fit in the car. It could be a coincidence but my normally bad sleeping toddler has started sleeping through the night since using this mattress! The mattress also works with my movement mat which was very important to me. It’s extremely comfortable but firm and safe! The cover also comes off to be washed.

Beth: I really like the use of pocket springs and lambswool as the basis of forming such a supportive mattress. I have used foam based cot mattresses in the past and over time as your baby turns into a toddler I have noticed that these types of mattresses can start to sag. This mattress would keep its form for a longer time, thus providing better value for money. It is essential that anything in a child’s bed is washable. This mattress has a cover that is easily removed washed and I suspect this would dry quickly.

Sarah: The design with the washable cover is a plus for me. Not only can you wash it, but put it back on with ease. The mattress has three layers which allow airflow. This means your baby can sleep on both sides if turned. The mattress comes with a warranty which covers the mattress for a year. They will repair or completely replace it. I would recommend this product as it is all-around perfect. It has everything you need for your baby to sleep well. It is a high-quality mattress that feels soft and comfortable.

Would you choose this product to win?

Henrietta: This mattress costs more than the one we purchased ourselves. However, I would definitely buy this one as it appears to regulate my babies temperature really well. The cover is really good quality and washes perfectly. It fits perfectly with our cot, unlike our other one.

Brid: I think this mattress is built and designed on quality and hopefully durability. I hope it is a good investment and will last my son for many years to come. It makes a lot of claims, which I feel are accurate after testing the product. My son seems to sleep better regardless of the weather, he appears comfortable and he hasn’t developed any reactions to any allergens.

Natalie: I would be very tempted to choose this product. There are many different mattress options on the market and all at very different prices. I feel this mattress is great value for money. It fits into my cot beautifully and above all my little boy sleeps great on it. It feels very soft to touch and seems comfortable to sleep on.

What changes would you make to this product?

Danielle: I don't think that I would change anything about this product. There doesn't seem to be any negatives. However, if there was a waterproof option that would still make the product of good quality and comfortable then that would be very handy instead of having to buy a separate item.

Terri: The only thing that would of made this product better would of been some more information in the packaging. Care instruction or the best way to clean it, when to replace it and the materials used would have been helpful. I did find this information online. Other than that I can not fault the product itself. I am very impressed with the quality and I would definitely recommend. I will buy another one once my baby goes into a cot bed!

Beth: The cover of the mattress is well made and composed of a good quick drying material. However, I would like it even more if there was a way of making this out of natural or organic fibres. Other than that, there is very little to note in terms of what you need a mattress to do and what this particular mattress offers. I am simply a happy mum with this product.

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