Slumbersac Baby Sleeping Bag Review

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Slumbersac Sunshine Zoo Sleep Bag
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by Sophie Knight |

The Slumbersac baby sleeping bag is a cosy, safe, and warm way for your baby to get a good night’s sleep. We love the cartoon animal design, with a little zebra and a big giraffe. There are lots of designs available to suit any nursery decoration.

You can buy the sleeping bags in a variety of togs, making them suitable for all seasons, and in three sizes: 0-6 months, 6-18 months, and 12 months - 3 years.

Putting your baby to bed in a sleeping bag takes away the risk of loose covers, and means your little one remains at a constant temperature during the night.

You can also buy matching bedding sets and a comforter too.

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The Slumbersac Sunshine Zoo Sleep Bag was tested in the July 2016 issue of M&B

Fully lined with a side-zip, this lightweight sleep bag is a bright colour and suitable for both boys and girls. You can adjust the size of the armholes with a simple popper fastening, which makes it good value as your baby grows, plus additional poppers on the shoulders make it quick and easy to put on and take off.

Tested by: Stacey Reeves, mum to Matilda, six weeks. She says:

“I love the bright unisex design, and the fabric is good quality and washes well. The zip round the side is easy to use. The poppers on the shoulder are a bit stiff, but they made it straightforward for me to get Matilda’s arms in place, and they’ll probably ease up with regular use. Poppers under the arms made this fit really well, preventing Matilda wriggling downwards.”

Tested by: Claire Quansah, mum to Isaac, 10 months. She says:

“This one’s a lovely sleep bag. I really like the gender-neutral yellow colour – it’s so summery. The material feels very soft, and the side zip makes it especially easy to get a wriggly baby in and out of the bag – there was no desperate wrestling with flailing arms! This one would be particularly good for older babies or toddlers who move about a lot while they’re sleeping.”

Tested by: Lindsay Moles, mum to Jacob, 18 months. She says:

“Being so adjustable, this one fitted Jacob really well and he seemed very comfortable. I like the popper on the top of the zip fastening, which discourages little fingers from undoing it. I found the zip a little stiff and fiddly to fasten, though. The material is lovely and soft, but I was surprised when the embroidery started to fray after just one use.”

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From £17.99

Sizes 0–6m, 6–18m, 12–36m (personalisation from £5.95)

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