SnuzCloud Sleep Aid Review

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by Lauren Eads |


The SnüzCloud is a battery-operated plush sleep aid suitable from birth that can be used as both a white noise machine and a nightlight and is part of the SnüzPod range of bedside cribs.

Tested by mum Lauren Eads with baby Austin, 6 months:

We didn’t think we needed a white noise machine before our baby arrived. We thought if we never used one then he wouldn’t need it. How wrong we were! A few days in and we were pumping lullabies and white noise into his ears at every opportunity in a bid to get him to drift off. While you can download white noise apps and lullabies on your phone, having a separate, portable device that can be popped at the head of wherever he is sleeping is far more convenient.

The major benefits of the SnüzCloud, unlike some other white noise/lullaby machines, is that it’s soft, which means that it can be easily tucked up behind a baby’s head inside of its pram or moses basket without the risk of it falling on him or becoming a hard obstacle to kick. Previous to this, we had used a hard plastic travel music machine designed to clip onto his buggy, but already it had became a bit of a hazard in his pram as he has grown. This soft cloud alternative is ideal.

It’s easily transported around in and out of the house, and the velcro strap means it can be secured safely to the top bar of a crib at night.

The SnüzCloud has four sounds programmed; pink noise, waterfall, heartbeat and a lullaby. It also has the option of two night light modes. One a warm red light, mimicking the womb, and the other a white light. Both have proved useful for peering in to check baby or pop a dummy in at night (without poking him in the eye) with minimal disruption.

One downside is that it is surface clean only, so can’t be put through the washing machine. Also, at £30, it is a bit pricey and more of a luxury than a necessity, but I admit that we now couldn’t do without it. It goes everywhere with us. It looks great (a bonus), does what it’s supposed to, is simple to use and suits our needs brilliantly.

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