Tommee Tippee The Original Grobag Baby Sleep Bag Review

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The Original Grobag Baby Sleep Bag
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Tommee Tippee The Original Grobag Baby Sleep Bag at a glance:

A safer alternative to loose sheets and blankets our award-winning sleep bags are designed to keep your baby sleeping soundly, no matter how much they wriggle about during the night. Made from super-soft cotton-rich fabric, with accurate tog ratings and an easy two way zip opening for speedy night time nappy changes, you can relax knowing your baby will enjoy a safe and comfortable sleep, with no loose sheets to get caught in or kick off during the night. Designed to be reassuringly snug on top, with plenty of legroom down below.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Rachel: The two way zip, opening from top and bottom, is exceptionally convenient when needing to change a babies nappy during the night making it quicker and easier this makes the process smoother and therefore gets the baby back in a dry nappy and in bed quicker... making everyone happier! The bag is snug around the body with plenty of space by the feet to wriggle and move which my baby seems to love doing.

Kelly: Using this sleepbag takes away a lot of worries as a Mum. I needn't worry about my baby kicking off his blanket in the night. It fits so well, a snug design around the torso & lots of room for his legs to still move around in his sleep. The 1 tog version is very versatile too, this is suitable enough for majority of the year as I am always watching the room temperature & worrying about what to put him in for bed.

Joanne: I absolutely love the tommee tippee grobag for my little one, it makes night time and day time naps so much easier and knowing that my baby is going to be covered continuously throughout sleeping, no more messing around with blankets and them kicking them off. Gives me peace of mind knowing hes warm all night.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Kirsten: I would recommend this as it is super soft and cosy. I have previously had sleeping bags with the side zip and poppers over the shoulders, this was very quick to put him in and get him snug. Washing was very straightforward, I have not put it in the tumble drier yet but it washed well and air-dried swiftly. I have had some which went bobbly with washing, this one didn’t.

Emma: I would recommend this product to a friend because it is safe. I love design I received with a cute little animal design. The fabric feels very soft & snuggly also. It’s great that the product can also be folded easily & transported with us when needed. If you don’t mind paying a little extra for a grobag, then I would say ‘go for it, however, for a sleeping bag, this isn’t really within my personal price range.

Sarah: Really great alternative to covers. I feel reassured that my baby is comfortable, warm and safe. I don’t need to worry about covers being kicked off or the potential for them to go over my baby’s face. Fitted really well, snug and really soft, The only downside is that the zip comes up to the neck at the front. Potential for baby to pull on it. It is also something I was sceptical of due to her being a front sleeper as I wonder whether it is uncomfortable to lay on. The zip can also be felt from the inside so in summer months when only wearing vest and grobag I am aware that she probably can feel it. That being said she has never gotten upset when wearing the bag. Really easy to pack away, not bulky so great as opposed to using covers or duvets. Washes really well, I haven’t noticed any shrinking nor shape altering. The patterns are nice and do not alter the comfort of the bag. Overall I like the quality of the bag. My only negative is the zip placement.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Joanna-Bella: After being able to use it, I would choose this exact gro bag for the longevity of the gro bag, all mums like the fact something will last the test of time, nothing worse than paying out for something, especially as used as a gro bag is, for it to look dull and over used very quickly. Even though the zip is really to do up, I much prefer side ones, so I know some will discount it for that reason, but as long as the bag is the right age for your child, a front zip isn't an issue.

Katrina: I do really like the design and features of the tommee tippee growbag but I honestly don’t know if I would purchase this one for myself. There are other very similar frontage on the market for less than half the price of this. Given that you need a couple to slow for laundering, I would personally purchase from a less expensive brand given that the features are essentially the same.

Roxanne: I would definitely choose this product over others in this category. It is good value for money, great quality and a brand you can trust. The design of the sleeping bag makes it so easy to put your little one in. The arm holes are lovely and stretchy with no fiddly poppers to do up like other brands. The side zip is conveniently positioned, smooth to operate and is 2 way for any night time nappy changes. I would also choose this above all others on the market as the design of the sleeping bag allows for extra room for baby’s legs and hip development.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kelly: I think this sleep bag is absolutely brilliant, but the only one things that I would probably change about it is the zip at the very top. It zips up & sits slightly to one side at the neck, with a fold over of fabric to stop irritation, but I do think that this fold is a little bulky & could possibly be irrirating to the neckline

Rachel: The price is more expensive than most other sleeping bags. Personally I have 2-3 bags at different togs for all the different age ranges to allow for washing etc. so this would add up significantly. This is the only think I would change if it were possible. Overall I love the sleeping bag and so does my baby!

Joanne: I wouldn't change anything on the tommee tippee grobag. It is everything iy says and needs to be! It is perfect for all nights, keeps babu covered, gives parents peace of mind throughout the night. It looks lovely and stylish. Perfect for quick nighttime nappy changes. My little boy sleeps so much better wearing it. Thank you for allowing us to test it.

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