ASDA Little Angels Swim Pants Review

from Asda
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ASDA Little Angels Swim Pants
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by Catriona Watson |

ASDA Little Angels Swim Pants at a glance:

Little Angels Swim Pants are perfect for helping the youngest swimmers make a splash in the pool. They're wonderfully soft and don't bulk, ensuring baby is comfortable whilst active in the water. Super-soft materials give baby the usual Little Angels' feather-like feeling and gentle elastics are designed to keep baby snug and secure whilst containing any mess, giving both parents and baby confidence while having fun in the water. Changing a wriggly baby can be a real task, so Little Angels Swim Pants include easy-tear side seams for fuss-free changes.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Sophie: Good quality and reasonably priced product. This was easy to use, with picture guides for front and back and easy access rip release sides enabling easy changing. Good absorbency per nappy. Bright and friendly design. Matched up to if not bettered leasing brand equivalents. I would buy this product in future.

Kay: These Swim nappies were fantastic and did the job they were intended for which is to stop number twos from leaking into the pool. They were easy to pull up onto my wriggly baby and felt nice and soft. They did not feel bulky or heavy in the water. They were great for play time in the pool and I would definitely purchase these again if needed.

Hannah: Asda's Little Swimmers couldn't be easier to use. Their soft and stretchy fit makes it super easy to pull on when you have a wriggling toddler keen to jump in the pool! The fit is secure and snug which is always a relief knowing they will provide protection when you need it most. I loved how these pants also tell you which is back and which is front; this is often missing from other products and actually is really helpful in making sure you have the right fit. My little one filled the pants without me realising for a little while and the pants contained everything.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Lisa: I would recommend these nappies to other mums as they were easy to put in place, this is something I have found difficult with other brands. The design was nice but also built for purpose. My baby seemed very happy and comfortable playing in the paddling pool with these in place. They did not leak or cause any issues.

Bennet: I would recommend this as a cheap and convenient product - it certainly does the job and for the money there's no complaints! I would warn other mothers that the "easy tear side seams" aren't so easy - especially with the stress of being wet, cold and in a changing room! For the price you can't really go wrong.

Anushka: I would recommend this product. They feel soft and appear comfortable. It feels like a high-quality, well-designed product. It has a sweet design with ducks and whales so are attractive to look at too. They are easy to pull on and tear away. Most importantly, they feel secure so I was able to relax and watch my little one have fun splashing around in his paddling pool, without having to worry about any unwanted leaks.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Jessica: I would definitely choose these swim nappies above other brands. They offer good protection in the water, and so far we have avoided any leaks, yet they are much less expensive than other options which makes them really stand out. I think the pull up design is great, and the seams appear to be strong enough to withstand my wiggly baby whilst still being easy to tear when removing the nappy.

Sophie: I would definitely buy this product and recommend it to others. Its affordable, easy to use, and does it’s job. I was also impressed that the nappy didn’t seem to increase in size despite getting very wet. It's very soft so I know my sons are comfortable wearing it. I like that it's accessible from the local supermarket as opposed to having to make a special trip into town.

Kay: Yes, I would choose this product again above others as you cannot really complain on the price and product you are getting. The only thing I would change about the product which is impossible is soaking up wee. Its a bit strange when you think your child is weeing into the pool but in order fir that to work the nappy would also soak up the pool water.

What changes would you make to this product?

Bennet: Definitely make it easier to take off and also have smaller packets to chuck in a bag. I think if these were sold in 3 packs they would be much easier to transport and at less risk of the larger packet getting in to the hands of my 20 month old and being strewn across the playroom! They definitely also need to tear more easily on the seam.

Lisa: This product does not need any alterations in my opinion. They are comfortable and easy to put on. The nappies also are good quality and did not leak and were not faulty. The price is reasonable and I received a fair quantity of nappies. The design was nice and my baby seemed very happy with them on. There is nothing I would change about this product.

Hannah: A frill on the leg bands may just give parents that added confidence to protect against accidents, but this is only a minor point and it wouldn't stop me from buying the product. I personally think the design is cute, fun and colourful but there are other brands which have a more 'chic' or 'trendy' design, or even Disney characters, which other parents/children may prefer.

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