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Babies love swimming and splashing around in the water. It's not surprising really, considering they spent almost nine months in a fluid-filled environment before making their way into the world. Some babies, however, are hesitant in water and need reassurance that they are safe. This is where a baby swim vest is ideal.

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A baby swim vest will offer support to your little one by helping them float in the water. A vest will help build up your mini-me's confidence so they can be assured that the water is a fun and safe place to be. Babies and toddlers should never be left unsupervised while in the water, but a baby swim vest will give you some peace of mind that your little one does have a floatation aid attached if they do get into difficulty in the water.

Best baby swim vest

From full swim jackets to flotation vests with armbands attached, there are many different types of baby swim vests on the market. To help you make the best choice for your kiddies, we have pulled together the best swim vests to help your child feel safe and confident in the water.

The Sevylor Puddle Jumper is fastened at the back, meaning your little one won't be able to undo it without your help. This is a great alternative to bulkier baby swim vests as the buoyancy aid is located to the front and on both arms. This will give your child more freedom when splashing around.

Material: Polyester

Review: "My 2-year-old loves wearing this in the swimming pool. It allows for independence and helps develop confidence in the water. She is able to practice swimming on both her front & back. It is a really clever product."

This lightweight, yet durable baby swim vest is perfect to take on holiday. It is made from a quick-drying fabric and is designed to be hardwearing but comfortable for your little one.

Material: 100% Neoprene

Review: "Brilliant for my 18-month-old! She has started to actually swim since having this. Adult supervision is still needed at all times. but makes her much lighter in the water. It has made it easier for me to take her swimming whilst pregnant. It has also stopped her from going under a few times when she has been crazy in the water. She is now learning to float and control herself in the water with it. I couldn't recommend this more for peace of mind in the pool."

With buoyancy focused around the chest, this swim jacket is designed to keep older babies and toddlers in the forward swimming position. It zips up and has an adjustable strap that sits comfortably between the legs for added security.

Material: Neoprene

Review: "Great swim vest. It is really easy to put on. You can remove floats to a varying degree of buoyancy as they progress. My daughter loves it as it gives her the freedom to swim independently without adult support. It is great for using when away on holiday etc. Sizing-wise, I'm glad I got bigger than her age. The one I’ve got is exactly right for her. I would definitely purchase again. It is good value for money."

This baby swim vest jacket has eight adjustable floats placed in sewn pockets. You can remove the floats as your little one gets more confident in the water. This vest has a hardwearing zip and Velcro fastening on the front and super soft binding around the edges to prevent chafing.

Material: Neoprene

Review: "Amazing little swim jacket. The design is beautiful and it fits snug without it being too tight. Perfect for my girl when we go swimming! Highly recommend!"

Mini-car fans will love the print of this swim vest. In terms of safety, there are three different fastenings on this jacket so you can be sure that it will stay securely in place on your child.

Material: Neoprene

Review: "Baby likes swimming very much now."

We love the bright pink butterfly design of this baby swim vest. It has multiple fastenings that can be adjusted to securely fit your child's body. It also has a handle located near the top so you can hold on to your little one if needed.

Material: Polyester

Review: "Absolutely brilliant. My granddaughter loves to jump in the swimming pool and this stays in place. It is so good that I purchased two smaller sizes for the youngest members of the family. There were no disappointments, even for a 6-month-old."

This cute, nautical-themed baby swim vest will be ideal for days at the pool and beach. The vest is lightweight, with EPE foam inside to aid with floatation.

Material: Neoprene

Review: "Bought one for my grandson. He was reluctant to go in the pool with armbands, however, with the float jacket on, trying to get him out of the pool is now the problem. I highly recommend it."

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If you're looking to build up your little one's confidence in the water, this swim vest is ideal. As well as a floatation vest, it has built-in armbands too. The carton print is perfect for any kiddies that are mad for unicorns.

Material: Polyester

Review: The best swimming support that I have found! My two-year-old swam safely in both the sea and the swimming pools. This device is supportive and comfortable while allowing my little one to swim naturally, both on her front and back. I wish I had found this device 8 years ago, as I definitely would have used it for all three of my girls."

Baby Swim Vest FAQs

What else should baby wear swimming?

Swim nappy or swim pants

A swimming costume or baby wetsuit

Swim shoes

Other things you will want to pack in your changing bag for your little one when you take them swimming, include a towel to dry them off and a changing mat.

How old should baby be when they start swimming?

You might be surprised to know that there is no minimum age for taking your baby swimming. Learning to swim is an important skill that will help keep your child safe throughout life, so starting to take your baby swimming at the early stages of their development is a great idea.

You can find further tips and advice on taking your little one swimming for the first time from British swimmer Rebecca Adlington in this guide to baby swimming.

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