Close Pop-in Baby Cosy Suit Review

from Pop-in
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

Swimming at the beach or pool is a doddle with this Pop-in baby cosy suit. Ideal all year round, the special UPF50+ 3 ply laminate will keep little one protected in and out of the water, whilst the soft fleecy layer inside helps keep them snug and warm so you can enjoy your splash together for longer. Getting it on your little wriggler couldn't be easier thanks to the full front opening and flexible closing. It is integrated with their Pop-in swim nappy with its unique ‘seal to skin bind, meaning any little accidents that happen in the nappy will stay in the nappy!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jane: I would recommend this product to another parent as it kept my son warm and comfortable in the pool. He was happy to wear it. It's great that it has an integrated swim nappy. Although we used a sunscreen, the fact that it has SPF protection is reassuring as one of the pools we visited had a glass roof and it was very sunny.

Louisa: I would only recommend it if swimming in cooler water. In hotter weather I wonder how useful it is to have sleeves but no legs. I would prefer to either have just the nappy and put cream on or have a full coverage suit. The print design was very busy and stands out. It attracted attention but I would prefer a more subtle design.

Fay: I would suggest this to a friend after my experience but it is not something I would rave about as it didn't live up to my expectations. It was easy to use, compact enough to put in a changing bag to take out and about. It was easy to wash and dry. It had a lovely material which didn't irritate my daughter's skin.

How did this product make your life easier?

Carly: The swimsuit is very easy to put on, compared to other similar products. Once babies legs are in you can get the arms in easily and just velcro up the front. When you're next to a hot swimming pool and having to get yourself ready as well, this is a very important factor when choosing this sort of product.

Lisa: This product definitely makes life easier as a mum. In the past, we’ve used standard swim nappies and had to limit our time in the swimming pool or at the seaside. Using the cosy suit our baby (and indeed our whole family) can stay in the water or at the seaside for longer due to both the cosy liner of the inner suit and the sun protective layer of the outer suit. As it comes with an integrated swim nappy, that was one less thing we needed to pack on our busy family days out.

Eleanor: I would recommend this product because it really does work to keep baby warm in the swimming pool. The design was gorgeous and very gender neutral. I love that I can pass these items along to younger siblings. The mechanism for putting it on was very easy with nothing needing to go over baby’s head. The majority of putting the suit on can be done with the baby on their back.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sophie: I have not come across another product of similar quality for such a reasonable price. The print is fun and cute. The design of the product makes it so easy to use and the built in nappy just adds to the convenience. It’s brilliant that it has UV protection but also a thermal layer to keep the baby warm.

Aimee: I love the fact its a thermal lined swim suit. The internal fabric is super soft and very cosy. It is easy to place baby in and the suit felt secure and snug. The patterns they come in are bright, cheerful and gender neutral. We had several compliments regarding the design. Downside was no nappy liner included. If I had purchased this, I would be disappointed due to the suit being £19.99, and the liner at £4.99 - to find it doesn't fit. Most swim suits are non refundable, so would be a waste of money.

Elizabeth: I will be looking out for this product to purchase again particularly because of the price point. The design for this product is spot on. It is bright. colourful and fun which is what all swimming experiences should be for babies and parents trying to introduce water to their little ones.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jane: Although my son is an average size and was wearing the recommended size for his age it did seem very snug and short in length making it quite difficult to get on and off especially after our swim when he was tired, wet and irritable Getting changed with children after a swim can be a bit of a challenge but having a suit to tackle made it a bit harder. I realise that the suit needs to be a snug fit but it was pulling down at the neck. It would be better to try one on before purchasing one to ensure the correct fit.

Louisa: A calmer, more subtle design would suit us better if we were usin a full suit. However, I prefer a nappy. I don't particularly like the feel of polyester although it does protect them from the sun and can therefore replace suncream. Perhaps thinning out the material or making it a little more flexible might help.

Fay: I would change a few things about the Close Pop-in Baby Cosy Suit. I think there should be more colours and designs for the product, I did'nt like thed design we recieved and have looked on their website and there wasnt a lot of choice. I think the price was a lot for what it is. At this age my daughter will only get a few wears out of it then i would need to purchase a bigger size. At nearly £20 it's a lot of money for a swimming costume.

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