How to throw an afternoon tea party that your tot will love

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With the Queen's Platinum Jubilee on the horizon, it is the perfect time to plan a traditional English tea party. Your little ones can enjoy acting like little lords and ladies for the afternoon. They sip from their teacups and enjoy the finest biscuits you have to offer. Roleplay is a fantastic way to help children with social and developmental skills.

Although heading out on a Jubilee day trip or a street party can be an attractive option for many, it’s not always plausible. When you have young children it can be difficult to leave the house. Street parties are likely to be loud and crowded which can be daunting for children and parents. British weather is also very unpredictable so sometimes it is easier to plan something at home, so you can move indoors if need be. Being able to make your fun at home is a fantastic alternative.

If you’re looking to host your own at-home afternoon tea party read on to find out her top five tips for creating a memorable day your kids will want to relive over and over again.

Jane Rylands is from British kitchen appliance manufacturer, Belling. Here, she explains how you can create your at-home afternoon tea to keep the kids entertained for hours this summer.

How to throw an amazing afternoon tea party

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The theme

With afternoon tea being so quintessentially British, why not try incorporating some culture into the day? Small details like bunting, napkins and musical choices with strong British influences will help to transport you and the kids back to the 1800s, where the meal originated.
Alternatively, you could try a more kid-friendly theme, with Disney or superheroes sure to be a hit among your little ones — or host a Mad Hatter’s tea party for a wacky twist on the classic style!
Decorations to match your theme don’t have to be expensive either: grab your laptop and look for some printables you can display around your tea party. Whether they make their own bunting by threading brown jute twine through a selection of images, or you’ve printed out some colour-by-numbers pictures, make sure you get the kids involved with the decoration process to add an extra-special touch to the day.

Whether it’s a way of saving some extra cash or you’re wanting to do something different with the kids, be sure to try out an at-home afternoon tea party. Follow traditional paths or make it your own with a creative kid’s theme — they’re sure to love it either way!

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