The best kids’ iPad covers that are really child-proof

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iPads are fantastic gadgets for children. Not only are these child-friendly tablets intuitive and super simple to use, but the huge range of apps available means they're educational, fun, and help harness a child’s creativity while getting them comfortable with technology from a young age.

If your child is using an iPad, it's essential that you pick up a kid-friendly case. There are two reasons for this. The first is that you want to protect your investment - iPads are reasonably tough and can take a knock or two, but they aren’t quite up to taking what a child can put them through. The second is that iPads are very thin, smooth and light – making them difficult for little hands to hold.

With the right case, you can protect your expensive gadget and add some bulk to the device, making it easier for a child to use.

Are all tablet cases compatible with iPads?

No, not all tablet cases are compatible with iPads. Different brands regularly release different models and tablet sizes. Before investing in an iPad cover for your child, we would recommend measuring or finding out the size of their iPad.

How do I find out what size my child's iPad is?

If you're unsure of the size of your iPad, you can quickly search for this information online by putting in the model and year of the iPad. Alternately, get a measuring tape and record the size from corner to corner.

What types of iPad covers are available?

When it comes to doing your research about the best kids' iPad covers, you need to fully understand what type of options are available. Here are some of the most popular options:

Children's shockproof iPad case - Good for younger children, shockproof cases have been designed so that your device is still safe when dropped.

Bumper iPad case - It's commonly referred to as a rubber case: a bumper case is good because they are durable, waterproof and more affordable than a shockproof option.

Hard iPad case - Usually made from materials like leather, hard cases often aren't as suitable for children as other options. However, they can often be found at a better price point.

iPad skins - This stylish iPad accessory is ideal for style-conscious teenagers and adults.

iPad case sleeves - Similarly to a laptop sleeve, these tablet sleeves just store your device. It can be a good option if your kids want to take their iPad with them everywhere.

A quick note: Make sure you check each listing carefully for a comprehensive list of compatible models.

The best kids' iPad covers 2022

We’ve put a range of iPad cases to the test, subjecting them to some rough and ready treatment, to make sure that they’re up to the job of protecting your device. Below you’ll find a list of the cases that we know are up to the task.

Apple Smart Cover

Best iPad skins for families
Apple Smart Cover

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Are you sharing your iPad with older children or teenagers? You might want to opt for the Apple Smart Cover. As well as complementing the 10.2" iPad and 10.5” iPad Air design, the case can also be folded into a stand. Plus, it snaps on and off effortlessly.

Speck iGuy Child's Free-Standing Protective Foam Case

Best bumper kids' iPad case
Speck iGuy Childu0026#039;s Free-Standing Protective Foam Case

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This case is a really fun way of protecting a child's iPad. The iGuy case is made from a really thick but light foam that protects the device while giving it a pleasant texture. The thick legs allow the case to hold the device upright, and the arms double up as handles. Available in green, red, blue and red.

BENTOBEN iPad Air 2 Case

Best kids' iPad with knock protection
Bentoben Case

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This case is made up of three layers, each offering shockproofing and knock protection, and the soft TPU outer gives the case a nice grip and texture. The smart and low-key design of this case makes it a really good option for slightly older children who don't want a bright, overtly childish case.

Personalised iPad slip /sleeve in black or grey

Best sleeve kids' iPad case
ipad cover

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Accompany your child's new iPad with this personalised slipcase. Although this doesn't give as much protection as other options on this list, it's a lovely way to store an iPad. Plus, we love that buying through Not On The High Street means you can help small business owners.

Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case Designed for iPad 9.7

Best kids' iPad case with screen protector
SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case Designed

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This brightly coloured and robust case from Supcase offers all-round protection, with extra tough corner bumpers and a built-in screen protector (perfect for protecting the iPad from scratches and sticky fingers). It's super tough thanks to the non-toxic two-layer shell design, with one layer being made up of tough plastic, and the outer a shock-absorbing silicon. On the rear, there's a tough foldable kickstand.

Surom Kids Case

Best shockproof kids' iPad case
Surom Kids Case

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Constructed from non-toxic and shockproof EVA foam and plastic, this case from Surom offers all-round protection for the iPad, including a screen cover. The handle at the top has a nice grip, and there is a kickstand on the rear. This is a great case for younger children and is available in loads of bright colours, including blue, green, pink and red.

Push Pop Bubble Fidget Case For iPad

Best fidget kids' iPad case
Push Pop Bubble Fidget Case For iPad

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Fidget toys are all the rage right now, so we weren't surprised when SHEIN released this incredible Push Pop Bubble Fidget Case For iPad. Your children will love the bright colours, and you'll get to give the tablet a bit of protection.

Seymac Case

Recommended kids' iPad case
Seymac Case

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This case has a hardened protective shell which is bordered by shock-resistant silicon to provide a really good defence against knocks and drops. There's a built-in screen protector, and on the rear there's a rotating, robust kickstand and adjustable neoprene hand strap. There are two points to attach a shoulder strap, which is a great and versatile feature that can help reduce drops.

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