8 of the best sledges for kids

Child on sledge

by Emily Thorpe |

We can all remember the joy of a snow day as a child and while they may not come often in the UK, it’s an opportunity for the whole family to get outside and have some fun.

While you don’t really need much more than a snuggly coat, a scarf and some gloves to enjoy the white stuff, a sledge is one of those buys that really does elevate the experience. Plus, if you buy a good one it can also last your family for years too.

While a traditional wooden version tends to spring to mind when you think 'sledge', there are plenty of alternative choices to pick from to suit any budget. That's why we've stepped in to make your choice a little easier and have chosen our eight favourite sledges.

Things to think about when buying a sledge

Size: If your child is older, they're most likely to be happy enough sledging on their own, but any younger ones will need an adult rider to sledge with them, so consider how many of you can comfortably fit.

Weight: You're going to want something lightweight that you or your youngster can easily pull back up any hills you fly down.

Robustness: It's important that your chosen sledge is as hard-wearing as possible. After all, sledging is no gentle sport and you'll want it to withstand any lumps and bumps.

Control: While your child might think it sounds fun to let the sledge take them here, there and everywhere, a sledge that can be easily controlled is one of the main safety points you should look for, both for your child and anyone else around.

The best sledges to buy

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