Gender-neutral toys made for every child

Gender neutral toys

by Eleanor Weaver |

The traditional colour schemes of pink and blue are quickly becoming a thing of the past when it comes to nursery décor, with parents opting to raise their children free of the typical gender stereotypes. And not only is gender-neutrality becoming a hugely popular and growing trend in the nursery, but parents are also looking for gender-neutral toys that are inclusive for all kids too.

Perfect for playdates, surprise gender baby showers, and inspiring imaginations, gender-neutral toys give all children the opportunity to learn valuable skills equally outside of those prescribed by gender constructs. “Avoiding gender stereotypes can help children be more independent and free to explore the world,” says child psychologist Amanda Gummer from the Good Toy Guide. “It gives your child opportunities to make their own choices because there aren’t any restrictions.”

LEGO toys go gender-neutral

The growth in gender-neutral toy popularity has become so evident in the toy world, that in late 2021, LEGO announced that it was working to remove gender bias from its product lines so children could feel comfortable playing with all toys, regardless of gender.

Whilst toys are just toys at the end of the day and can be played with by any child, heavy marketing towards a specific gender – think Barbie and GI Joe – and gender bias in toys has reinforced those age-old gender stereotypes. The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media found that in their studies with LEGO, sons were encouraged to do sports and STEM activities, whilst girls were offered dance, baking, and dressing up. This ingrained gender stereotyping has led to kids feeling uncomfortable playing with toys outside of their ‘gender norm’. As well as missing out on skill development they might find from those toys, such as nurturing with toy dolls, and spatial awareness in toy construction kits.

LEGO isn’t alone in their pursuit for gender-neutral toys. Yet these toys are still a little tricky to find in comparison to the gendered toys you’ll find on toyshop shelves. We’ve shared some great gender-neutral toys that’ll be sure to appeal to any child from the likes of LEGO, Play-Doh, Crayola, and more.

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