Kinderkraft GOSWIFT balance bike Review

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RRP £79.9
GOSWIFT balance bike from Kinderkraft
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by Emily Thorpe |

Kinderkraft GOSWIFT balance bike at a glance

RedDot winner GOSWIFT - a sporty balance bike that develops your youngster's motor skills through exciting play and prepares them for riding a real bike! An ultra-lightweight solution with a magnesium alloy frame. Durable sports ball bearings and air-filled tyres combined with the adjustable seat height - GOSWIFT can handle all terrains! Limited handlebar turning minimises the risk of losing balance when turning. No protruding elements, and the low frame means that even a three-year-old child can feel confident when getting onto their new two-wheeler. With soft and comfortable seat and rubber capping on the handlebar, which improves grip for little hands.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier? 

Elizabeth: This balance bike is the best we have tried out of 4 by a long way. This is the only one my daughter has managed to glide and lift her feet up on. This bike is super lightweight making it much easier for my three year old to control and manage herself without an adults help. The sale moved up and down without tools which is also a great asset as we have adjusted it to suit with ease. Also putting the bike together initially was so easy and again didn't need lots of tools which I see as a huge benefit. I have also found with his bike if she does fall off we don't have tears as it doesn't have sharp ends like others.

Stacey: I was very impressed with how easy this product was to put together. I often leave this kind of thing to my husband but managed to build it myself very easily and quickly. Liked the fact everything I needed was included in the box so saved finding it around the house. I have an older boy aged 4 who is learning to ride his bike. This has made my life a lot easier as my 2-year-old can now go out on her balance bike with him and feel involved without them fighting over his bike which she is far too small/young for.

Jamie Leigh: Makes our life so much easier! My little girl isn’t a fan of walking and would usually have a little whinge before we set off on a walk! She doesn’t whinge at all since getting her balance bike! She can now keep up with me without her little legs getting tired! It’s also saved my back as I don’t need to carry her mid-walk now!!!

Would you recommend this to other parents? 

Sophie: It makes it so much easier to get out and about the quality is fantastic and it looks beautiful. So robust and solid, no worries about the workmanship or safety for my child and makes it so much easier to get out and about without taking an age with having a toddler walking around and wanting to be carried. Makes walks and times out of the house much more fun!

Tyler: It’s a sturdy and safe little bike that makes it perfect for little legs and children learning gross motor and cognitive skills whilst giving children a sense of their own freedom all whilst being easy looking on the eye. Those would be reasons I would recommend to a fellow friend/mum as well as it being good for the price.

Megan: Easy to assemble, light and easy to carry on the pram when your child gets tired, attractive colour, handles like a much more expensive bike and looks very stylish and appealing. It has kept my toddler entertained literally for hours and let me go on longer walks with him scooting along beside me. He loves using it and that makes me happy.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Tracy: It comes at a mid-range price point compared to other similar products, which is a good selling point. It is also lighter than most of the advertised light framed balance bikes, clocking in under 4kg. I am undecided about the air-filled rubber wheels - it does provide a nice smooth ride but not sure if they puncture easily, in any case, we have not had that problem.

Lynsey: This balance bike should win because it is so lightweight, but sturdy at the same time. I’m happy to have it in my car and quickly grab it out on request. The wheels are so chunky it makes it easy for my son to ride all types of surfaces, so he’s happy to keep riding for longer. I feel that it would be a good value for money as the magnesium frame shouldn’t rust (like other balance bikes I have had in the past have).

Elizabeth: Now I have tried this product I would definitely choose this above others although I had never heard of this make before. I feel this bike has been really well thought through looking at all the components which really work for a young child. I would definitely back this bike to win. The reason I would pick this is how easy and comfortable it is to ride and how lightweight really helps a younger child. The ease to build and adjust, again I think is a real bonus and also the bell for my daughter was a great addition. My daughter also finds the saddle on this one comfortable as on there she has tried she has found them hard and uncomfortable.

What changes would you make to this product? 

Stacey: The price. We were going to buy my daughter a balance bike for her birthday (before we got asked to test this bike) and when looking at them online we found them priced between £25-£40. Seeing that this bike is priced at £64.90 it seems a lot more expensive. That said I liked the fact all of the equipment was included to build this bike so I would definitely factor this into the price and compare it against the others to see if this is included with them.

Jamie Leigh: It actually won’t change one thing about this balance bike - we are loving it!! If I had to think of one thing it would possibly be even better if it had the option for a parent safety handle to be fitted at the back of the bike? My daughter does feel very safe on the bike .. it’s me that can’t keep up when she whizzes off on it!!!

Sophie: I honestly don't think I could change anything to do with this bike. It is lightweight beautifully made and lovely colours. Every aspect is well thought out, from the seat, the colours, durability and style. It really is a great product and my daughter has loved it from the moment she set eyes on it!

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