Literacy Is Your New Way To A Healthier Family

Mother reads to premature baby

by Charlie Crouch |

Families with higher literacy skills are proven to have better health

Is literacy your new solution to keeping your family healthy? According to the National Literacy Trust, it is.

A report from the charity concluded that literacy is directly related to health, as better literacy skills enable people to understand and act on information about their own health, and to treat and prevent ailments more effectively.

Better literacy skills enable people to understand and act on information about their own health

Improving literacy skills can help people to take care of themselves and their families, reducing the strain on health services. By attending sessions that are being held by the charity in partnership with local councils, you can improve your literacy skills and those of your child, helping you to take care of your family’s health much more effectively.

The charity has been providing free book packs to families with premature babies, to encourage them read to their babies in the long hours spent by the incubator.  Libraries have also been set up in hospitals in support of families with premature babies.

The charity encourages parents to introduce their child to reading and writing at an early age. Embedding literacy into the daily life of your youngster in a home learning environment will not only help them in education later on in life, but will also help them to understand more about their own health.

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