Toddler games to buy you time in the morning

by Samantha Ball |

Getting woken up at the crack of dawn every day by your toddler is never fun, but there are ways you can help your little one have her own parent-free fun, leaving you to crawl back into bed for a few more minutes.

Independent play is great for your little one's development, so we've listed 9 super fun ways to entertain your little one in the morning, where you can sneak back into bed, guilty-free, for a few extra minutes of sleep.

Fun ways to entertain your toddler in the morning:

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pillowcase presents
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1) Pillowcase presents

For a weekend treat, leave a few games and toys in a sack or box beside your tot’s bed for her to find when she wakes up. It’s bound to keep her busy for at least 20 minutes – giving you a little longer to catch up on some sleep.