The best travel potties and seats for toddlers

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by Emily Gilbert |

Any parent will know, potty training is no easy feat, but when combined with travelling, things can get even harder.

That's why you need to find a travel potty - essential if you want an easy, fuss-free journey, and be able to keep up your child’s toilet training as you go. So how do you find the best travel potties and seats for you?

What is a travel potty?

It does what it says on the tin - a potty for when you're out and about, to help support your toddler's potty training. You can find two main types of travel potty: one that is just a training seat support to place on top of a normal toilet, and the other is a potty.

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What to look for in a travel potty or seat

Ease of cleaning - Our number one tip is to choose something that’s super easy to clean, whether that's with disposable bags or bowls that can be removed and cleaned out.

Size - Think about how easy the travel potty is to carry around. There’s no point in having a fantastic, does-everything travel potty if you can’t actually fit it in the boot of your car or a luggage rack. Look for one that is lightweight or even small and foldable.

Comfort - Potties aren't the most comfortable of seats but you'll want something that your little one will be able to sit on for as long as it takes to do their business. Some travel potties have an ergonomic design or even a back rest which might appeal to you.

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The best travel potties and seats

Take a look at our list of the best travel potties and seats to keep your little one happy wherever they are, before graduating to the big seat.

How to use a travel potty or seat

Potty training expert Amanda Jenner gave us her top tips on potty training while travelling out and about...

•Take a potty everywhere - either buy a travel potty or pack up the one you're using at home - don't expect your little one to sit on a public toilet.

•Make sure everyone who looks after your child when they are not at home, for example, nursery teachers, childminders, and grandparents, are informed about your potty training plan and what you expect - communication is key.

•Keep giving your little one reminders when out and about - you might be doing it at home, but try to ask your tot if he/she needs to use the bathroom or the toilet every 20 minutes or so.

•Remember everything is easier at home - when a child feels confident using the potty at home is different to when they feel confident out of the house.

•Overall, when away from home on a short or long trip, it's essential to stick to your routine and to get support where you can.

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