Morrisons Nutmeg Baby Sensitive Wipes x 64 Review

from Morrisons
RRP £5.76
Baby Sensitive Wipes x 64
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Morrisons Nutmeg Baby Sensitive Wipes at a glance:

These gentle wipes are fragrance free and alcohol free with aloe vera for your baby's sensitive skin.

How did this product make your life easier?

Ruth: This product is very easy to use and definitely makes nappy changes a lot quicker. We normally use reusable wipes so it definitely made bum changes while out and about a lot easier and faster. These wipes are really useful to have and we would now consider always having a few packets of disposable wipes in the house to use.

Brogan: They make my Life easier by being very easy to clean with and visible results without having to use loads of wipes in one go. I often find with other brands that I have to use loads to deal With bad nappies however these I’ve had to use maximum three wipes, there very good at getting them clean wit less wipes.

Karen: I like that the wipes have a click lid closure to prevent any dryness on the wipes. The wipes pull through quickly and smoothly one after another even when using with one hand. The quality of the wipes are strong and absorbent, making it very convenient for a dirty nappy. I like the packaging easy to grab and go.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Brogan: I would recommend these as there easy to use! They don’t have a strong smell and you can use less wipes because they clean with less, they're also wet whereas I found other brands often aren’t that damp so they're harder to clean with. These were also amazing at getting stickiness off hands too with one wipe!

Emine: I would definitely recommend it. Because you can cary it everywhere with you. The lif is better to keep it in changing bag. And it is very sensitive and really thick then the others. I did not feel any chemical ingredients. I found it very purely wet. For newborns i could use without any worries. I normally don’t use wipes for other parts of babys boddies. But this one so pure and i would use it anywhere to wipe my baby and children’s hands and faces as well.

Fiona: yes happy to recommend. they're a decent sized pack with a good number of wipes in them for the price. smell isn't too strong and it's a nice fragrance, the wipes themselves are good quality and do the job that's needed. they're easy to store away and the design is decent (if that's a significant driver of choice..!)

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Karen: Yes, I would definitely choose Nutmeg baby wipes and use again. It deserves to win because it's really soft on my baby's skin, truly have no fragrance (some brands say fragrance free but actually have quite a strong fragranced smell) and got a good thickness on the wipe. Love the click lid for dry free wipes and added conscious bonus that these wipes are cruelty free.

Abigail: I would probably not chose this product, compared to similar on the market. Firstly because I can buy wipes that have all the excellent credentials described (easy to dispense, moist, kind to delicate skin) but for a cheaper price. Secondly because these wipes are not biodegradable and there are biodegradable ones on the market now for a similar price.

Jennifer: I loved the convenience and price of these wipes. The gentle packaging was never too much of an eyesore but they were easy to locate in a rush. I’d have liked to know more about the sustainability of the product- was it vegan and cruelty free? Could the packaging or wipes been made out of renewable and recyclable materials?

What changes would you make to this product?

Emma: I’d love for it to contain more wipes but the price is amazing for the quality of the wipe! My baby’s skin has reduce in redness from nappy rash and I love It doesn’t effect my little ones eczema for me I found this amazing! I love the fact I can carry it in my bag and I really feel as though this is a winner.

Katie: As with many baby wipes the scent isn't particularly pleasant, it has a kind of sickly perfume scent to them. I think a more natural/fresher scent would be nice. The other thing which I think is important is if there was a way the packaging could be recycled, or if there was a way to make the same brand of wipe in an environmentally friendly way.

Ruth: If i could change one thing about this product it would have to be to make the wipes biodegradable as i feel that with the state our world is already in as a mum i want to make the best choices in our lives for the sake of our children as if we continue to use all of these disposable products the world our children will live in will be badly affect by the landfills.

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