Burt’s Bees Baby Diaper Ointment Review

from Burt's Bees
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Burt's Bees Baby Diaper Ointment
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Burt's Bees Baby Diaper Ointment at a glance:

Burt's Bees Baby™ 100% Natural Diaper Rash Ointment has protecting properties to treat and prevent diaper rash. It's 100% Natural with 40% zinc oxide, the maximum strength needed to seal out moisture that can irritate your baby's bottom. It nourishes and reconditions skin naturally with shea butter, lavender oil and jojoba seed oil while creating an emollient layer to absorb wetness leaving baby's skin soft, dry, and smooth. Pediatrician-tested and safe for your baby's delicate skin, it 's formulated with no parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS and is not tested on animals.

How did this product make your life easier? 

Nicola: The product performed exactly as described and, after applying it a couple of times, it cleared up my little one’s nappy rash quickly. The product is thick so not only do I not need to use very much, it also provided a good barrier on my little one’s skin, protecting her from future nappy rash. The product was easy to take out and about due to its small size and the flip top meant it was easy to squeeze out the cream one handed!

Tammy: The Burts Bees Diaper Ointment is easy to use and smells great. It dries in quickly which definitely makes life and nappy changing a lot easier! I have used the cream on my newborn and 2 year old and both have been fine using it. My newborn kept getting nappy rash, but since using this she has been fine.

Laura: I cannot rate this product enough, it is amazing! Firstly the bright colour of the tube makes it so much easier to find in the bottom of a changing bag but it is also compact enough to fit inside the caddy bag that we use around the house. My son has started to suffer with nappy rash due to teething and this product is honestly a life saver. The consistency of the product is thick enough to keep the affected area covered but it isn’t too thick that you cannot easily spread it around the area. You also do not need a lot of the product as a little really does go a long way. I have tried other nappy creams and they always seem to have an over powering smell so I didn’t like the idea of this as this could potentially cause more irritation in that area. As you don’t need a lot of the product then I think the value for money really is worth it, i have had this product since the start of July and I still have a small amount left.I cannot recommend this product enough if your baby is suffering.

Would you recommend this to other parents? 

Helen: Yes 100%. It’s 100% natural. Not tested on animals. No nastys. Recycled packaging. Again like some it’s not vegan due to beeswax but it is usable by some types of vegaterians (I’ve spoken to several friend who are veggy) said they would use this but only 1 said no as she doesn’t eat any animal bi product except fish.

Elise: I would recommend this cream because of its natural ingredients compared to others on the market. I would be happy to give this as a gift to a new mum too as it feels like a premium product. I also like that it is part of a more extensive range of products, so if you get on well with the cream you could try out the baby shampoo or bubble bath too. Feel that is reassuring.

Kira: I would recommend this product to other mums and especially new mums. While the price may be slighty higher than some others on the market i believe that having a decent nappy cream is essential. You want a cream that works so you are not wasting money and time trying out multiple creams. It can sometimes be awkward to get the cream.out of the tube.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market? 

Jemma: It is expensive, but a little does goes a long way. This is one of the few creams that stays on until the next nappy change. I have always used Sudocrem on both my children as an everyday cream and Bepanthen for the few times they were sore, but now I have tried this ointment I will always keep a tube of this too. It's delicate scent ensures baby smells clean and fresh.

Alex: This product has a lot of good features. The fact that it is 100% natural puts it above other nappy creams. I also like the fact that it has been paediatrician-tested and it’s not tested on animals either. The product goes a long way as you don’t need a lot of cream. It was good at acting as a barrier but didn’t work as well at actually reconditioning skin which was already a bit sore. It also takes a long time to actually rub the cream in as it is so thick whereas other creams are less thick and thus less time-consuming.

Elise: The natural ingredients are very persuasive and the vitamin benefits. However I do feel there are some traditional market baby bottom barrier creams that do the same job for similar money or less. If my budget was smaller I may be inclined to shop around as the Burts Bees cream feels like a luxury / treat.

What changes would you make to this product? 

Tammy: The only thing I would probably change about this product is the cost. Compared to others available on the market, this is expensive. The bottle size is good for the price, but I think parents could be put off by the price. Once they have tried a Burts Bees product they will want them all and at the cost they are individually it works out so expensive.

Nicola: At times, I found that it was a little tough to squeeze the ointment out of the tube as the cream is rather thick. Additionally, there were times when I noticed that the oils in the cream separated, and the cream came out a little runnier. This could potentially be avoided by offering the product in a tub or alternative packaging. The packaging advertised that the cream contains vitamin E, however I was unsure of the benefits that vitamin E brings so it would be good to highlight this to the consumer.

Elise: It would be great to have a travel size version of the nappy cream as whilst this is a good size for the home nappy change station, it is too big and heavy for me to be carrying around on top of everything else. Be great if it came with a mini one included for the nappy bag or if Burts Bees could do a travel essentials pack.

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