Charlie Banana 10 organic cotton wipes Review

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Charlie Banana 10 Organic Cotton Wipes
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Charlie Banana 10 organic cotton wipes at a glance:

Charlie Banana® Organic Cotton Wipes are ideal for every moment of the day, especially to clean your baby's bottom. These single-sided wipes consist of one layer of soft 100% organically-grown cotton yarn. They are strong enough to handle the most dirty of diapers, but won't harm or irritate your baby. Wet them with a little warm water and your baby will enjoy changing time every time. They are also perfect to cool off, as a handkerchief, and for wiping food spills, etc... A long-lasting item that we love. You'll never run out of wipes.

How did this product make your life easier?

Jennie: These are brilliant for us as my little boy suffers from eczema on his face. It means I can give his face a good clean with any irritating chemicals. The quality of the cotton is lovely. They are a good size and I feel like we are using less product so we also have less waste. I encourage my older child to use them as well as it’s a product I trust would not damage or irritate her skin. They are great for the whole family.

Katrina: My son has very sensitive skin and clearing up after mealtimes using even the most sensitive baby wipes can cause irritation and rashes. Using the Charlie Bananas cotton wipes made such a massive difference. I simply run the wipe under warm water and wipe away any mess from his face, hands etc with such ease and there is no irritation or rash on my son after. They are brilliant.

Fiona: These wipes are really easy to use. They are much larger compared to my other reusable wipes and they do seem to get a lot of muck off. My daughter can get pretty messy at mealtimes and I found I could use one of these wipes to get her face and hands clean, whereas I might need several disposable wipes to do the same job. They are also really absorbent - really handy for those moments my daughter tipped her water or even yoghurt into her high chair tray!

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Katrina: I would most definitely reccomend this product to any fellow parent and they are cost effective, versatile, easy to use and are reusable. The wipes are very very soft and are perfect for sensitive skin or any parent that would like to save a few pennies on the disposable wipes. They are a brilliant way to help the environment while providing the most gentle care for your baby. I am in love with them! And are he perfect gift to any new mum.

Emily: I would recommend these particular wipes because they are so soft and gentle on skin. Other wipes and flannels I have used can become quite stiff and rough, especially after multiple uses and washing, but these wipes remain super soft even after multiple washes. I also like that the wipes are not too thick as this makes it easier to get into skin creases when wiping than when using thicker style wipes.

Chris: I would reccomend these. They're very easy to use, especially for a mum who's already using cloth wipes. They were great for children and adults. They can be folded down and seem really durable and because they can just be put in the washing there's less waste or even having to go to a bin. This (for me) just made the whole thing so much easier.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Emily: Yes, now that I have experience of using Charlie Banana wipes I would definitely buy them above others on the market. I like that they are made from 100% organic cotton, cut and sewn to a convenient size, and are extremely gentle on skin. They feel high quality and durable for long term use, and would definitely be useful for mum’s faces in the long run once babies are grown up.

Rachael: Probably not. Despite them being reusable they don't come with anything else therefore after being soiled they are difficult to store if you are out and about. They also don't come with anything to wet them with so if using for nappy changes would need to ensure you had some liquid with you to use to wet them.

Laura: I wouldn't choose this product to win, simply because I have used reusable wipes from two other brands, Cheeky Wipes and Little Nutkins, which I think are better. Charlie Banana wipes are quite thin so I wouldn't be keen to use these on bums, especially soiled bums, incase anything leaks through on to my hands. The material is soft and washed well, but I think a towelling/terry cloth texture works better is the more fibrous texture helps to clean either hands/faces or bottoms.

What changes would you make to this product?

Leah: The only thing I could think of is if they were to dry quicker. They take slightly longer to dry than the others I’ve tried. I imagine just to do with the slighter thicker softer material. That’s all really. Would recommend these for newborn skin as they are just so super soft. Thanks for letting my try them!

Fiona: More of these wipes in a packet! I think if you were buying these as a stand-alone product of 10 wipes, they are probably best for general use or hands and faces. If you want to use them for nappies then you really need more as you will quickly get through them and the wipes need washing regularly. I found them to be a really great addition to my existing reusable wipes kit. A larger pack would mean using fewer disposable wipes whilst these wipes are in the wash.

Katrina: I wouldn't change anything about the Charlie bananas cotton wipes other than make a suggestion of bringing out a colourful range to be more inviting to little ones. However they come in a cream colour which is unisex and great for any new parent. The quality id impeccable and I will br purchasing more as gifts for my expectant mummy friends.

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