Cheeky Wipes Reusable Cloth Baby Wipes – All-In-One Kit Review

from Cheeky Wipes
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

Cheeky Wipes are reusable, soft, cloth baby wipes that come in white cotton terry, bamboo, rainbow bamboo, bamboo/minky or microfibre. The Cheeky Wipes kit provides you with all the essentials you'll need for your nappy changes. This includes 25 wipes, a 'fresh' container and travel bag, a 'mucky' container and travel bag, and a baby nappy spray or their essential oil.

How did this product make your life easier?

Dominique: I absolutely love the cheeky wipes set, they are easy to use smell fantastic and allow me to ensure my baby's bottom is free from harsh chemicals on his sensitive skin. The handy clean and mucky bags means that they fit snug in my baby bag. They are definitely fooling proof as well, they are simple to use with no fiddly plastic packaging. As well as being environmentally friendly!

Amy: This product has made it so much easier as I don't have to keep buying disposable wipes. Cheeky Wipes are actually like mini flannels and they clean baby so much better than disposables! They are also environmental friendly which makes me feel proud to know I am using them! They smell lovely, I was a bit worried about using them on babies bum and storing them to wash but they don't smell at all in the mucky pot. When I am out, I just take the travel bags; I even left the wipes in the travel bag for over a day and when I checked they were still wet and smelling great!

Tristan: These wipes are lovely to use with my baby and toddler. The flannel wipes are so much more substantial than a disposable wipe- I feel like I am cleaning my baby rather than just dabbing off the worst of the gunge. Fewer cheeky wipes are needed than disposable ones for messy changes. You could recreate this system yourself with some cloths and 2 Tupperware boxes but this is a convenient and good quality set. The oils provided smell lovely. The price initially seems high but this is quickly made up for by not having to buy more and more disposable wipes.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Alexia: I would recommend the wipes for the ease of cleaning up whatever material you're trying to clean up whether it’s from a nappy, food on their face, paint or other messy substances from playing. The separate portable containers for fresh and used wipes are a great design especially the detachable bag on the used wipes.

Erin: I would highly recommend Cheeky Wipes to a friend or fellow mum as I love how simple they are to use on my baby and how easy they are to wash and dry. The concept is straight forward. A blue 'fresh' box for the clean wipes and a green 'mucky' box for the used wipes with the appropriate essential oil to use for each box. You can even just use plain water. The kit also comes with two handy travel bags so you can take your cheeky wipes out with you. The 'mucky' travel bag has a detachable mesh bag that you can just chuck straight into the washing machine so you don't have to get your hands dirty.

Christina: I would recommend the Cheeky Wipes to my mummy friends as they are environmentally friendly, the cloth wipes are exceptionally soft and the perfect size for wiping your baby's tender bottom. The product is so easy to use and not as mucky as people would first think from using reusable wipes. The essential oils included in the pack smell divine and the process of washing the dirty wipes is very easy.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lauren: Our impact on the environment has been a big talking point this year with an emphasis on increasing recycling and lowering waste. Nothing hit home quite as well as having a newborn baby to highlight my need to do more. With double-digit nappy changes from poo-splosions, our waste massively increased. Cheeky Wipes should absolutely win because it hugely reduces the wipe waste issue in the country but also because its a fantastic product! They're so versatile and I know as we embark on our weaning journey they'll be cleaning up more than just bums!

Angela: The price of this kit is competitive with other reusable wipes and the kit contains everything required. We find these the most helpful at mealtimes rather than for nappy changes and have swapped to using them for this purpose instead of conventional baby wipes. The quality of the products is high, the wipes are soft and they wash well.

Dominique: Yes I would, I have used other reusable wipes that do not wash as well, they seem to use their shape and stain/discolour easily. With Cheeky Wipes, they are as soft after 10 washes as they were the first time they were used, and the oils make them so inviting and clean smelling rather than the smell of damp. I do feel this product should win because of the product itself and what the company represents as well. The simplest of their packaging makes it user-friendly and the colours look fresh.

What changes would you make to this product?

Erin: This is a tough question! I would maybe suggest making the hooks for the mesh bag a different colour or slightly bigger as I didn't notice them at first, and was fishing around for a bit for the mesh bag before I noticed them. There could maybe have a storage bag that I can pop all of my clean dry wipes into ready to store for use. I love them so much I have ordered more and have even ordered washable face wipes to try. I am so impressed with Cheeky Wipes that I will not use disposable wipes again.

Alexia: The number of wipes provided as part of the kit should be increased. It is called an all in one kit but by only providing enough to fill the container it cannot be used constantly and need to revert back to other wipes such as disposables whilst they are being washed/dried thus reducing the environmental benefit of the reusable wipes.

Amy: I can't really think of anything I would change maybe having another smaller box to soak more in instead of re soaking the ones you already have left to use but I love these how they are, to be honest. I think they should be advertised more to new mums or maybe if one wipe was given as a sample to encourage more people to switch to reusables.

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