Childs Farm Core Child Range Review

from Childs Farm
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance: 

Childs Farm's Core Child range is packed with a variety of different products that are perfect for all skin types - even those who have sensitive skin and eczema. Whether it's their shea butter and cocoa moisturiser or their unfragranced bath wash, Childs Farm's products are gentle on the skin and packed with natural ingredients.

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlotte: The Child’s farm range is fantastic. There is huge variety of products, they don’t irritate sensitive skin, extremely gentle but effective and smell gorgeous. I found the shampoo excellent as there were no tears washing my daughter’s hair and the moisturiser sinks in really quickly which is perfect when chasing a toddler around.

Charlie: The products that have been sent as part of the Child's Farm range have made bath time much easier with my daughter. The products are suitable for newborns, and as my daughter is 20 months this has meant I am confident that the range is gentle enough for her. The smells are lovely so we have had fun sniffing them all! There are a range of 2 in 1 product and separate depending on what I need.

Elizabeth: I have been using the Child’s Farm range since my little one was very small. Now that she’s older and entering the toddler years it’s nice to have a reliable product that I know will be good for her skin. She especially loves smelling the bubble bath before pouring it in - making the product fun and educational as well as she learns new words and smells!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Karin: Since discovering Childs Farm I haven’t stopped recommending them. I was absolutely delighted to test products within the range that we haven’t had a chance to try so far. The packaging itself is very distinctive, the bright coloured bottles and quirky artwork sets them apart from their competitors. The products themselves are even better than they look, they smell amazing and they’re so gentle on the skin that we’ve never had any issues.

Gwen: This range of baby products is excellent. The hair and body wash in particular are lovely; it smells nice, feels nice, lathers almost instantly (we have hard water), is very slippery so makes it easy to wash hair, and rinses easily too. By far the nicest baby wash product we’ve used. The shampoo, conditioner and 3 in 1 swim wash were all equally good, though having used the whole set, I am very happy with just the hair and body wash for bath time. Everything is quite heavily fragranced, but as it is all-natural, cruelty-free and specifically designed for sensitive skin, I don’t mind too much. The moisturiser is lovely, but it is very light - fine for everyday use but not suitable for treating dry skin as it is not heavy enough. However, it is a quality product and excellent, for example, for applying after bath time with our hard water. Overall extremely happy with the whole set of products we tested and I would highly recommend it. We will switch and buy more when these samples run out.

Alice June: Both my daughters have eczema and so we tend to be careful with products we use on skin and hair. This were advertised as being suitable from newborn and for those with eczema - so we were prepared to give it a try and discontinue if any issues - but there were none. I'm particularly drawn to the colourful bottles and scents, and a few fellow parents commented on how nice their hair smelt and glossy it looked.

Would you choose this product to win?

Jasmin: I would choose Child’s Farm products above all others in the market because they tick all the boxes for what you would look for in a toiletry product for children. They come in loads of great smelling and imaginatively designed bottles, you don’t need to use a lot of the product so it will last, it is sensitive skin-friendly and usable on newborns, it uses natural ingredients which are vegan and not tested on animals, and I found the bubble bath and body wash so nourishing for my 2-year-old daughter’s skin that I didn’t need to moisturise her afterwards, with her asking for “more please!” every time we bathe her.

Charlie: I think the product should win as it is a product that can be used on a range of ages, and skin types. Making this a versatile product. I think the design makes the product stand out from others, and it has child friendly images on the front, meaning my daughter has been intrigued with the products and able to choose which ones she would like to use.

Karin: Definitely! The range is full of uplifting natural scents and they all smell divine. I would choose these products over others on the market as they offer fantastic value for money and there's such a wide range to choose from. The bottles themselves are very child-friendly, my daughter loves to comment on the labels so this is an added bonus for bath time. I also love that Childs Farm regularly runs special offers and bonus gifts when you're ordering from them online.

What changes would you make to this product?

Charlotte: I love the range and the products and think they offer excellent value for money. One thing I am conscious of it the amount of plastic used for household products. It would be great if products like this could offer a refill option to reduce single-use plastic. Or an extra-large size with a pump to make it easier when washing little one's hair in the bath.

Jasmin: If I could change one thing about the Child’s Farm products it would be to try and find packaging which is not only recycled but not made from plastic at all which I think would fit in with the company’s vegan and animal cruelty free ideals and help reduce plastic waste which a hot topic at the moment.

Gwen: I wouldn’t change anything about the hair and body wash, shampoo, conditioner or swimming 3 in 1 wash, but honestly out of all of these I only really see myself needing the hair and body wash which is an excellent product. For the moisturiser I would like this to be thicker and it’s the only product that fell a little short of requirement in my opinion. It smells lovely and it’s nice to put on, but I don’t think it’s thick enough to be particularly useful if your baby actually has visibly dry skin. However, as just an everyday moisturiser to put on after bath at night, it’s a nice product. My only other criticism is the slightly heavy fragrancing, but I see on their website they have fragrance free options for the moisturiser and wash - I would prefer to use these with a newborn.

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