Childs Farm Sun Range Review

from Childs Farm
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

Childs Farm's Sun Range is a collection of products that cares for your little one's skin in the summer whether you're in the garden at home or playing on the beach on holiday. From sun cream to their sun care travel bag, you're in safe hands when it comes to Childs Farm.

How did this product make your life easier?

Rosie: I love that there are different ways this can be applied. Spray, roll-on or traditional cream. I found the spray really good for doing her body! My baby has sensitive eczema-prone skin and Childs Farm is something I already have confidence in using so I was pleased they had a suncare range. We had no problems using this.

Samantha: This product makes my life easier as a Mum because it gives me peace of mind that my child’s skin is safe from the sun in all circumstances. The Roll-on product is absolutely brilliant for topping up “on the go” and is a fast and easy application. The spray bottle is fantastic and sprays out a good amount of product without making an absolute mess in the process. I have had a few heatwaves in the last few weeks and I find that my daughter's skin needs that little more attention than in normal weather and so I have loved the after sun lotion to keep her skin lovely and moisturised at the end of the day.

Jenny: It is quick and easy to apply and not too greasy which is great. I prefer using the tubes and the spray rather than the roll-on as I found the latter a little messy. However, the roll-on did encourage my toddler to help apply his own cream which was very helpful! Both my children have sensitive skin and these creams suit both of them really well and neither of them has had any kind of reaction which is fantastic. The bottles are also a good size for nappy bags, not so big they don't fit but big enough you are not buying new every few weeks.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jennifer: Easy to apply and lightweight cream, water-resistant and keeps skin well moisturised. Baby doesn't end up hot sticky and sweaty after a day of wearing the cream at nursery, unlike some other creams. Nice texture and suitable for sensitive skin and eczema-prone skin. Small-sized tubes e.g. the spray and roll-on make the products easy to carry on the go.

Faiza: I would recommend this to a fellow mum because I have trust in the brand. It is user-friendly and my children have lovely soft smelling skin. It does not stain as badly as other sun creams and has the perfect amount of protection for my sensitive kid's skin. Also, they are a good size and not to heavy to transport around with me.

Anna: I would recommend this range because - the multipack enables you to have a range of products to cover all eventualities (e.g. sun factor 30 - 50, different application formats). - the products are easy to apply. For instance, I found the roll-on very good for arms and legs before getting the little one dressed, and the creams good for applying to her face. The spray was perfect as a top-up application when out and about.

Would you choose this product to win?

Emma: Yes. I like supporting smaller brands that have taken note of a changing society and consumer’s needs. The vegan-friendly stamp has captured my attention here and suggested Child’s Farm have listened to customers. Other products are part of global household names that whilst still doing the job, aren’t offering a USP.

Rosie: I would because I trust this brand with my baby's sensitive skin. They clearly state they are eczema friendly and I feel confident picking up their products without reading the ingredients list etc. I think they are competitively priced and are of good quality for the price. They’re also easily available in lots of stores.

Jennifer: The things that make this product stand out to me are: lightweight texture suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin comes in roll-on and spray form so easy to apply small bottles make for easy transportation hydrating and fragrance free I do think this product should win as it is the best child's sun cream range that I have tried.

What changes would you make to this product?

Samantha: I actually can’t think of anything that needs to change at all. The child’s farm sun range has truly thought of everything. They have gone above and beyond to make this product perfect and they’ve done a very good job of it. We love the child’s farm sun range and I will always make sure we are stocked up on it every summer for years to come!

Anna: The only slight concern I had was that the roll-on application pot might leak so, for this reason, this got left at home rather than being taken out and about/ on holiday with us. This did limit its use somewhat and might make me think again before buying the set if I was going away on holiday for instance.

Jenny: The only thing I would change is the roll-on version of the cream as when I was applying it tended to drip and make a bit of a mess, however, the idea of roll-on did encourage my toddler to put the cream on which made life easier for me! The other products in the range were excellent and I would suggest no changes, I enjoyed using them and they gave great protection to my children.

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