Fragranced, ultra soft like fluffy white clouds Review

from Fred & Flo Exclusively at TESCO
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

Tesco's Fred & Flo Fragranced Wipes are 'ultra-soft like fluffy white clouds' for a reason. These wipes are developed to gently cleanse and soothe your baby's skin. With extracts of gentle cleansing milk, aloe vera and camomile, these ultra-soft wipes are also dermatologically approved to assure your baby's skin is protected.

How did this product make your life easier?

Eleanor: This made my life easier as a mum because the wipes were able to be removed from the packet with one hand and without sticking together. On that basis, it was helpful when you only have one free hand to get the wipes out with. They clean well and we’re tolerated well by my baby's skin (often reacts).

Lucy: This product would make my life easier as they are strong baby wipes and also they have a resealable flap. The fact they are strong is very handy so they won’t fall apart and are durable. The resealable flap is a great feature so they stay wet and fresh for longer rather than a sticky seal that does not close. Great feature.

Georgie: As a family, we go through far too many wipes than I like to admit! From nappies to cleaning up spills and cleaning up mucky hands and faces, these wipes were great and would definitely purchase them again! I liked that they had a closeable plastic lid, this helped keep the wipes wet and more effective to use.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Tammy: I would recommend these wipes to anyone purely because of the lovely smell and how they are not absolutely soaking wet. I can put a packet in my bag with other things and they don’t soak everything that presses on the packet. They definitely make wiping up a lot quicker and easier than many others. They feel a lot thicker than some other wipes.

Annabelle: The wipes smell lovely, not too strong a scent but just right. They are nice and soft and the packaging is bright and friendly in aesthetic and easy to use as previously mentioned. At 50p per pack, you can’t go far wrong, and they’re a handy addition to any changing bag! They’re also freely available as Tesco is such an accessible store.

Lucy: I would recommend this product to another mum as they smell really nice, they are very durable and the fact they have a resealable flap is a great feature. They look good too as the design is very eye-catching. The wipes are very soft to touch as well so they will be kind to a baby when changing nappies or cleaning faces.

Would you choose this product to win?

Georgie: Personally I wouldn't choose this product over others due to it being fragranced, I like to choose ‘sensitive skin’ wipes as my daughters skin can react to wipes, especially ones containing ‘citric acid’ I also did find the wipes a little thin so ended up using more wipes than I'd like, they also tended to stick together when trying to wipe. None of this would put me off buying though if they were unfragranced. They are worth it for the price!

Tammy: I would definitely choose this product. In fact, I have just been and purchased more. They are soft and gentle on skin, I’ve not been able to use fragranced wipes on my eldest before but these are so gentle even he can use them. These wipes should definitely win, I have not found a wipe, before now, that is so reasonably priced and ticks all the boxes for what I like in a wet wipe.

Eleanor: I would probably choose them above other products as there was a good combination of low cost, nice smelling, and being gentle on skin. Difficult to know if the product should win as I have no idea what other products in this category were like. But I would recommend them to a friend over certain other brands I've tried myself.

What changes would you make to this product?

Annabelle: I would change the packaging in that there appears to be lots of plastic used, and people are now increasingly conscious of the effects of this on the environment. For me, I’d prefer a non-fragranced wipe but I am aware that this type is also available within the same brand. Otherwise, the wipes are lovely to use!

Lucy: If I could change one thing about these wipes it would be the design of the wipes coming out of the packet. I have found that when I have been getting a new wipeout I have had difficulty getting the next wipe out and it does not pop up once a wipe has been taken out as a pack of hankies would. I find that a great feature on wipes if you have a big messy nappy to change.

Georgie: If I could change one thing about this product personally it would be to remove citric acid, we are very limited as to what wipes we can use as citric causes welts on my little ones face. On a broader level, I would make the wipes a little thicker and maybe bigger, then we don't have to go through as many wipes.

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