Good Bubble x Julia Donaldson Bath Time Range Review

from Good Bubble
RRP £3.99
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by Maria Martin |

Bath time just got that little bit more magical for children, with an exciting range of bubble baths launched by Good Bubble and involving the world-famous characters of Julia Donaldson CBE and Axel Scheffler, including Stick Man, Room on the Broom, The Snail & The Whale and Zog.

Developed for sensitive skin, the bubble baths feature delicious-smelling, allergen-free fragrances and are suitable for newborns, toddlers and children alike.

The products are hypoallergenic, vegan friendly and cruelty free and all come in 400ml bottles, which are made from 50% recycled plastic and can be recycled again when empty.

We spoke to these real mum testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlotte Hall says: "My daughter absolutely loved the bubbles and has wanted this in the bath ever since. She loves hiding her bath toys underneath them. We've never used any bath products except shampoo before, but I was happy to put this in as packaging was reassuring regarding the ingredients and being kind to her skin. Would definitely continue to use it."

Abigail Hannon says: "It made bathtime fun. The Julia Donaldson characters was a big hit as we love those books and they also sparked a book dicussion with my older two about the books as to why the the scents where what they where and how that relates with the book! The scents where great and not two over powering and bubbles lasted along time too."

Toni Harling says: "The bottles themselves are really well designed, and the flip top cap makes it easy to just grab, flip open the cap and squirt the product into the running water. My kids absolutely love these bubble baths and the design. They also like to open and dispense into the bath themselves too! Which is very easy for them to do (they're now out of reach!)"

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Emily Harvey says: "This product has a great design. Looks upmarket and higher end of the cost spectrum but also is fun for Children with the cartoon figures on the front. The Julia Donaldson books are magical so these are a great choice for the front of the bottles - much more appealing than something like paw Patrol for example."

Sara Hodgson says: "It did need quite a lot of product to get a decent bubble on but it never left any greasy residues or tide marks that need scrubbing off the side of the bath like some products do. LThe smells were lovely so much so that I used them for my own baths. It never aggravated by son's eczema which I have found that quite a lot of them do. Plus it's vegan and cruelty free so my consceince is clear so long as I remember to recycle the bottle."

Kimberly Hogg says: "With 2 children of different ages, the fact that the bubble bath is hypoallergenic and can be used from newborn is a huge plus. I like to bath my children together to save time, and this way it means they can still have bubbles without irritating the younger baby’s skin. When squirted directly into running water I didn’t find the bubble bath needed anything else done to create the bubbles, leaving my hands free to undress children for the bath."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Andy Holmes says: "I would certainly use this product again, and would choose it over other leading brands. The packaging is friendly, there are characters on the bottles which my daughter loves. The bubble bath smells nice, is kind to her skin, and produces lots of bubbles with very little bubble bath needed. This means not only do the bubbles last until the end of bath time, which can be a while some nights, but the bottle also lasts a while. It makes bath time fun and means I can involve my daughter with preparing the bath."

Jodea Pakos Briggs says: "It's really good value for money when you consider the price per millilitre compared to similar products on the market. It's really well made, with sturdy, user-friendly packaging and a nice design. My daughter enjoys the Julia Donaldson characters and it looks nice on the bathroom shelf. Above all, it's made with safe ingredients, cruelty free and is also certified tear-free so I can use it confidently."

What changes would you make to this product?

Charlotte Hall says: "I think the packaging is fine but its not very exciting - for a small child if it could have something like a picture of the character on the lid that would be good (even better if it could actually be in the shape of the character but I would anticipate that would put the price up significantly). Perhaps an alternative would be that it would come with a character figure."

Abigail Hannon says: "Things I would change is the labels. Really small text at the back ingredients seem slightly blurred. Labels could be slightly bigger in general! Also the size of the product. I have 4 children so one bottle wouldn’t last very long for us! Other then that product is great and I was really impressed."

Toni Harling says: "I honestly don't think there is a thing I would change about this product at all. I love the design, fragrance and fun factor. Each one makes lots of beautifully fragrant bubbles without the added synthetics and irritants. It's a wonderful product, my children love bath time and each night choose themselves which one to have. I will definitely continue to purchase these."

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