Kit & Kin Baby Bundle Review

from Kit & Kin
RRP £29.99
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

An essential range of safe and effective products that protect your little one's delicate skin. This is the perfect gift or starter pack. From calming baby oil, cleansing body washes, hydrating bubble bath to soothing and enriching magic salve for any trouble spots this essential bundle will care for all your little one's needs. Hypoallergenic, pH balanced, approved by dermatologists and certified natural by the soil association, all of the products are made without any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Leanne: I would recommend this product. There are certain brands that dominate the market, so it is nice to come across a safe and effective natural product to use on my baby. The packaging is nice and means this product could make a nice gift.

Melissa: This is a lovely gift set. It looks exclusive and high quality. Rather pricey for everyday toiletries but for a special gift, ideal. The oil and balm were both particularly good quality. The oil was rich and thick - perfect for baby massage. The smell of the products was so lovely but the wash and bubble bath were a bit drying so I would stick to water.

Jane: Kit & Kin have developed a lovely range of skincare for babies. The packaging is attractive and the bottle size is generous. I tested all of the products on both of my boys and also myself as we all suffer a little with dry skin. They didn’t disappoint and we found them all easy to use and they didn’t irritate our skin.

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlotte: These products make life easier as I don't need to worry about what is in them and you have peace of mind that all the ingredients are natural. The bottle tops are a great design feature and make life easier as you can open them one handed and easily dispense the product whilst holding baby with the other hand!

Joanna: This product is fantastic quality and made of the best ingredients. Knowing that there are no nasty chemicals and all natural ingredients mean it is my go-to for the whole family. The products are in easy to use containers and leave no waste.

Kathryn: One of the first things I noticed was how easy the products were to open. You can open them one-handed while holding the baby with the other and I have not come across this in other products. The miracle balm has cleared up my daughter's nappy rash without having to resort to a strong prescribed cream containing steroids. This has made nappy changes much easier and less painful.

Would you choose this product to win?

Kayleigh: I'm unsure if I would choose this product over others because of the packaging. It doesn't stand out as is very simple.

Sharon: Overall the Kit & Kin baby bundle is a lovely pack for baby. I felt good about using the products knowing that they are natural and delicate on my babies skin. I would choose to buy the magic salve again as it’s a lovely rich product and a little goes a long way. A really lovely product.

Charlotte: I would choose the baby bundle above other products as they are an ethical company who care about the environment. I think that is really important. They don’t test on animals and are part of the world land trust, helping to maintain rainforests. When purchasing their products you contribute towards the protection of the environment and know you are using non-toxic, high-quality natural products on your baby.

What changes would you make to this product?

Leanne: The brand is not well suited to my daughter's skin. That isn't to say that it is not a gentle and effective product. We have just found other brands work better for my daughter without aggravating her eczema.

Melissa: If the bubble bath and the hair and body wash could be a little gentler to baby's skin then it would be an all-round winner (although more of a luxury than everyday item). A pump dispenser on the oil, wash and bubble bath would improve usability.

Jane: The bubble bath claims it is hydrating but I couldn’t see a difference in my child’s skin after use. There was no scent and the bubbles quickly disappeared leaving a slight residue in the water.

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