Lidl Lupilu Comfort Baby Wipes Review

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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

With organic jojoba oil and aloe vera extract, these wipes from budget supermarket Lidl are fragrance-free and soothing. If you’re after wipes free from added alcohol, colour, silicone, animal products and other nasties, these are up for the job. They also soft, absorbent and extra tear-resistant.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Anna: I would recommend this. The pack size is good for putting in a bag. They are kind to my babies bottom and give no nappy rash. They are easy to get out of the pack without pulling out five at a time. They are a good size, a good thickness and smell nice.

Nicola: These products whilst scented still remain kind to sensitive skin. I used these for nappy changes and for wiping up after meal times and my daughter remained rash free which never happens with any wipes apart from the 99% water ones. The wipes were thick enough to require little during changes and were just moist enough. The plastic covering also prevented the wipes from drying out. I really liked these wipes and would recommend them to any mum as they are good quality wipes at a very reasonable price.

Ina: I can easily wipe my child's dirty face and hands. Easy to use on the go as the box does not open randomly to leak liquid all over changing bag and it is very sturdy so if even it gets into baby's hands it would not break or open. Cleaning is much easier with these wipes.

How did this product make your life easier?

Usha: The wet wipes come in a pack with a dispenser which I find always handy. They are sensitive wipes and can be used from newborn onwards. It's fragrance-free and does the job. They are easily portable and fit well into the changing bag. The dispenser tab seems a sturdy and wipes come out one by one instead of two or three at a time.

Anna: The wipes are a good size for wiping little one's bottoms. They are easy to get out of the pack with the plastic pull through on the opening and are a good thickness and size. They are kind to babies skin as well.

Nicola: These wipes were really handy for cleaning my daughter up after mealtimes. The wipes are scented which was a nice change as many wipes I’ve had have been unscented but these ones were still kind to skin. I liked the fact the wipes had a plastic cover as it meant the wipes didn’t leak over the items in my changing bag and also the wipes didn’t dry out. The wipes were thick enough to clean the mess created with food and I only needed to use one.

Would you choose this product to win?

Ina: Great wipes for the price as mums do appreciate the combination of value and quality. These give you a great size wipe, moist, durable, no allergic reaction to them for my baby as I have had some bad experiences with other brands. This wipe could win.

Usha: They are a good product. They are cheap and have a dispenser which I really like. They aren't fragrance-free and haven't caused any problems so far with my baby's skin. There is a decent number of wipes in it so you can be assured you won't run out quickly. They fit neatly into changing bag as they are not too bulky.

Anna: The price of them is good (half the price of other leading watery brands). The packaging is bright and cheerful and the wipes are easy to get out of the packet. Most importantly they don't leave any rashes on baby's delicate skin. The wipes are a good size as well.

What changes would you make to this product?

Nicola: The only thing I would change about these wipes is the fact they are scented isn’t clearly displayed on the packaging. I only realised when I opened them and I would usually use unscented products.

Ina: I would get rid of the fragrance. Personally, I do not like the lingering smell on my baby's hand and face but the lotion must have helped with not having any reaction on the skin so they must be working.

Usha: My one criticism is that the actual quality of the wipes seems to be a little less superior than the other major brands out there. However, it's a cheaper alternative and does the job so you could argue that's all that is needed from a baby wipe. On the whole, they are a good product.

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