Lupilu Sensitive Baby Wipes Review

from Lidl
RRP £0.49
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

With organic jojoba oil and aloe vera extract, these sensitive wipes from budget supermarket Lidl are fragrance-free and soothing. If you’re after wipes free from added alcohol, colour, silicone, animal products and other nasties, these are up for the job. They also soft, absorbent and extra tear-resistant.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Samantha: Yes, I found them to be a very useful addition. I thought they were quite strong and didn't fall apart like some other brands. They left a clean feel and didn't cause any skin irritation, I thought the packet opening was very sturdy so kept all the unused wipes closed up. I found them very easy to use.

Lesley: Yes and I have already recommended them to other mums. I use these wipes daily and think they are great. They are perfectly moist for cleaning up but not so much that they make a mess. The design of the packaging is designed with the plastic cover to prevent drying out which gives mums value for money. The wipes come out of the packaging very easily which is vital as mums normally have only one hand free and nothing is as bad as struggling to get wipes out of the packet.

Aimee: The price makes this product very attractive. I do feel the wipes are slightly thinner than other brands I have used and don’t clean as well as others, however, they are not the worst. I have found I use on average 1 to 2 more wipes per nappy change or face wipe due to less absorbency than other brands so I would recommend this product to mums on a budget.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kate: These wet wipes were great. So many cheaper options are difficult to get out of the packet, ending up with several more than you need. These were strong, smelt good and came out individually. Exactly what I am looking for in a pack of wet wipes. I have not used this brand before and am pleased that I have now found it.

Elise: They’re pretty good wipes. They clean bums, hands and faces quickly and easily. They even made short work of clearing up birthday cake mess. The resealable lid is a nice touch on value wipes as it means they’re less likely to dry out. Neither of my children had any skin reaction to them and my son’s skin can be quite sensitive.

Amanda: These wet wipes were easy to use. The pack had a good number of wipes and they are very cheap. These were sensitive wipes yet are a bargain at 52p. Without any harsh chemicals, these didn't irritate my baby or dry his skin out. The packaging was the right amount for keeping the wipes nice and moist without being too bulky.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sarah: As I now know how well these wipes seal I would definitely be buying them in the future. The price is the same as my current product and easier to use so it's a simple swap. They are also very gentle on my baby's skin and she is very sensitive to change where her skin is concerned. The packet isn't too bulky either.

Samantha: I think for the value for money you would struggle to get wipes of this quality, unless you are buying bulk or when offers are on. That was the main thing that stood out for me and also the convenience of buying them from a supermarket whilst doing your weekly shop. I thought the wipes were an excellent product.

Lesley: Being free from alcohol and harsh chemicals is what we all want these days - a product that is gentle on babies skin, does not cause rashes or dry their skin out. The packaging is simple but maybe the free-from logo needs to be more prominent to stand out to mums.

What changes would you make to this product?

Aimee: If you can afford other branded wipes these would not be my first choice based on the thickness and quality.

Kate: I would be happy to choose this product over others on the market. I think that it provides a high-quality item for a small cost. I have not investigated if they are available in multipacks to make them even more economical but that would make it even better value for money.

Caroline: Personally, I would not choose these. I believe that there are other products on the market that I find easier to use and more efficient. The two things that I do like about this product are the logo/design of the packaging and the lid but I do not believe this is enough for me to go out and buy these.

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