Mamia Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes Review

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Mamia Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes
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Mamia extra sensitive baby wipes at a glance:

Mamia Extra Sensitive baby wipes are suitable for newborns, babies and children with extra delicate skin, they are also safe for babies who may be prone to Eczema. Formulated with 99.4% water they are as mild and gentle as cotton wool and water on baby's extra delicate skinThe extra soft cloth is perfect for all changing and cleansing occasions. Suitable for use from birth and dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance.

How did this product make your life easier?

Stacey: This product makes my life easier as mum because it allows me to ensure that my child is hygienically clean while still providing a good quality wipe that doesn't irritate their skin or rip when in use. I really like these wipes and have replaced the ones I was using before with these. Great, strong material that a few companies lack.

Hollie: They are compactly packaged as well as providing a good seal to keep the wipes fresher for longer. A lot of other brands don’t have a good seal so the wipes start to dry out half way down the package as the top comes undone. They are great for babies with sensitive skin as they are much more compact than having to carry around cotton wool and water which is extremely unpractical along with all the other bits us mum’s have to take out day to day.

Charlene: This is a good product which has great design and quality and of course great value for money. I have used the Mamia baby wipes previously and wouldn't think twice about purchasing them again. I feel they are great value for money and made of a strong material which helps during the messy nappy changing moments

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Charlene: Yes, I would recommend this product with no hesitation. I have used them previously too. As mentioned they are great value for money, well designed, made from a strong material to avoid your fingers breaking through the wipe which some well known brands have had this happen previously which is never a good thing.

Amy: Yes. These wipes are great for the price of 59p. They are a large pack of wipes so last well so you hardly notice the cost of them on the shopping bill. The are handy to have in the changing bag and in the nappy caddy at home. They can be used on my toddler as well to clean him up after eating. They are very useful.

Nick: I would definitely recommend these wipes. Choosing which ones to use for your baby is so hard. And the wipes range so much on price, going through so many you want a wipe that is cheap but also good quality. but these are definitely one of the cheapest and one of the better quality wipes I have tried. They don’t rip and work so well at cleaning those pooey bums!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Amy: The main reason I would choose this product is due to the cost of the wipes. The are cheap but they last well. I actually prefer them to more expensive brands. They are not too wet or cold and they come out of the packet individually rather than in clumps. The cost is the best part of this product though.

Leila: I do choose this product over all others on the market because they are high quality but also good value for money. Alot of other wipes are more expensive but also dry out quicker than these. The wetness stops my babies bum or face from getting sore when I have to clean him several times a day. I feel these wipes will also be very useful when he starts eating food.

Nicola: I would choose the Mamia Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes above others due to the thick and luxurious feel. Given the low price point, I think these wipes represent good value for money, and I found that one Mamia wipe did the job of three wipes from a competitor brand. Additionally, the wipes are advertised as kind to skin, and I definitely found this to be the case. Although there are more ingredients in these wipes compared to some other brands, the baby’s delicate skin was not irritated by this product.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rebecca: The only thing I would change about this product is sometimes I have found it difficult to get the wipes out. I can either pull one and end up with loads , or I can't pull them and end up with a clump of them. It's hard when doing it one handed when holding the baby. I have used wipes in the past where they are designed for only one wipe to come out at a time.

Emma: One downside is that They are not biodegradable or flushable which would make the product even better if they were As other brands I have used have been biodegradable, also people are generally trying to be more environmentally friendly. Sometimes it’s also handy to have a smaller size packet to use while out, to put in the changing bag.

Stacey: the one thing I would change about this product is, when you pull out one wipes sometimes lots come out so if my toddler has the packet I can almost guarantee that there will be loads pulled out. I did have to stretch to find something I would change as I honest rave about these wipes. I loved Mamia anyway but the extra sensitive is fantastic for my new baby as well as my toddler.

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