ORGANii SPF50 Sun Milk Review

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ORGANii SPF50 Sun Milk
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ORGANii SPF50 Sun Milk at a glance: 

Protecting skin from UV rays naturally and safely, this certified organic SPF50 fragrance-free mineral sun milk is suitable for babies, children and adults. Non-nano Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide sit on top of the skin, reflecting the suns rays and creating a protective barrier. Organic, vegan, cruelty-free and dermatologically tested, ORGANii SPF50 Sun Milk also contains skin-nourishing organic Argan, Jojoba, Sunflower, Olive Fruit, Linseed and Karanja oils to protect and soften skin and extracts of organic Calendula to keep skin from over-drying, Chamomile to work as a anti-inflammatory, Mallow Leaf to soothe and Vitamin E to defend against radicals.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Nicola: This cream was nice on the skin but I don’t think the squeeze tube is the most practical. It was quick to get out at first but as the time went on you had to shake a lot to get the product out which is why I tend to not buy a bottle design like this. The lid was easy to open with one hand though so that’s a thumbs up when trying to open and use sun cream while trying to keep the other hand on your toddler so for that side of the design it was great.

Natalie: If I am being completely honest, it did not make life easier for me as a mum at all. Due to the consistency of the cream I felt like I had to use twice the amount of cream in comparison to other manufacturers to be able to cover the same amount of skin. It was a very oily consistency, it didn't feel smooth and it also didn't have a particularly nice smell. The cream also stained some of my daughter's clothing, which I found very frustrating.

Amy: I found the product really easy to apply and it covered the kids nicely, without staining their clothes. I think a spray top or pump action top would of made the product a lot easier to you. I found that as the lotion was very runny I had to keep closing the lid whilst applying it as when I forgot the lotion would just run out thr lid and spill every where, including my clothes as I kept forgetting and resting the tube on my legs whilst applying it. I think for the consistency of the lotion the top was not effective for thr product.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Jennifer: I wouldn’t unfortunately. It’s at a medium end price range, but I don’t see any benefits that come with that price. It was too runny to be able to use it without making a massive mess. We used it at home, but I wouldn’t think of using it out and about because of the mess it would make!

Tammy: I would recommend this to friends/mums because it’s easy to apply, soaks in well and quickly. Being able to use it for all the family makes it much more preferable for any family. It’s a good size bottle so will last a little while and won’t take up loads of room in a bag. It doesn’t have a strong smell.

Chantelle: I think it is important to ensure that your child has adequate coverage from the sun rays when outside. SPF 50 means that they have the maximum coverage which gives peace of mind that their skin is well protected. The product looks and smells nice - it smells just like being on holiday. The bottle is good size to have in bag.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Jessica: For my toddler definitely as it helped her better compared to my other daughter who 8 and when she used this cream she seemed to still catch the sun compared to my toddler using it. With other sun creams my toddler has caught the sun even with re applying it but this one was much better suited for her.

Beth: I'm not sure that I would – it is quite expensive, and in comparing it to cheaper brands available on the high street it doesn't necessarily give me any more confidence that it is doing things for skin protection that those other brands are not. It may be that it lasts on the skin slightly longer, but you are still recommended to reapply regularly, and with an expensive product, and using the right amount of suncream on each skin area this could work out to be a very costly summer!

Sarah: I would choose this product above all other sun creams on the market as it is kind to skin. Being ‘Every day Organics’ it is a Sun Milk designed to be kind to the skin for babies, children and Adults. I love that it is non perfume, sensitive for all skin types. It is Vegan and certified Organic. This sun milk product is made with pure vegetable oils and plant ingredients which are great to use on the skin.

What changes would you make to this product?

Nikki: I would make this suncream much less sticky meaning it's easier to apply and be absorbed into the skin, and I would make it much thicker so it's not so runny and messy to apply. Nothing about this product except its ability to protect the skin from the sun was particularly good. It's not in any way possible to smother a wriggly toddler or baby in a suitable amount of this suncream because its so hard to apply, therefore I'd be worried that the child didn't have appropriate sun protection before going out in the sun if I used this product on them. I would want it to be a thicker cream to make it smoother to apply and much less sticky so that I was able to rub it in properly and ensure that there was a decent coverage of suncream to protect my child's delicate skin. I much prefer using sunscreen in either a dry or wet spray as I find that easier to apply to children and adults, and that would be my preferred type.

Natalie: I would have liked it to feel smoother, more like a moisturiser than an oily product. The oily nature made it difficult to spread around so you ended up using a lot more product. I would also prefer for it to have more of a fragrance, to give it the 'holiday smell'. I would have liked it to have been in a more sturdy bottle to make it less likely to be squeezed open in a full bag.

Tammy: If this sun cream was a once a day sun cream I would be very happy to pay the cost of it. Having to think about reapplying it especially after the children have been in the water makes it much harder. The children then start to fuss as they don’t want to be waiting for the cream to go on etc before they can be off playing again.

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