P20 SPF50+ Suncare for Kids 200ml Review

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P20 SPF50+ Suncare for Kids 200ml
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P20 SPF50+ Suncare for Kids at a glance: 

The iconic suncare brand P20 now brings you a NEW long-lasting Sun Cream for Kids. This gentle sun cream is specially developed for children's sun-sensitive skin. It provides category leading sun protection for up to 10 hours and is water resistant up to 3 hours. With no added colourants or fragrance, it is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and allergy-certified and provides 4-star UVA protection. Being SPF50+ means that it provides the highest UVB protection against burning.P20 for Kids is ideal for use during all outdoor play.Give your children the suncare they deserve, with peace of mind for you.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Kara: P20 is a household holiday must have for us. We find the coverage and durability far superior to any other suncream on the market. It gives peace of mind to be able to cover the children in the morning, and not have to be constantly worrying and reapplying throughout the day. We also find this product to be have a higher level of water resistance than any other cream on the market.

Salina: Really lovely cream, makes application easy, no horrid smells, this isn’t tacky or sticky like some sun creams. Both my boys didn’t mind having it used on their bodies. Think bottle so easy to store, doesn’t take up too much room in a bag. It’s quite pricey compared to a lot of creams but does seem to last- we didn’t get the chance to test it in the water however.

Alexia: This is an easy to apply suncream with its easy to press spray lid, the suncream itself soaks and rubs into the child’s skin easily, with its use once functionality means that doesn’t need to have the sun cream fight more than once in a day with toddlers who do not want to stop their busy playing to be protected from the sun.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Natasha: Yes the texture and smell was nicer then the average suncream not white marks when applying and spreads easily. Great protection all day. Minimal reapplying which is a added bonus and saves you time. So I would recommend it to another mum if their budget allowed. As the price was quite high, being its only draw back.

Alex: I would recommend this product to other mums and friends as it is convenient because you only have to apply once a day. The bottle is also small enough to fit in your changing bag, which is very handy on days out or even if you go on holiday. The cream itself glides on easily and absorbs quickly, as with little children especially they don't want to be waiting around for it to dry.

Emilie: I would recommend this product to a friend or fellow mum who wants peace of mind knowing that their children are completely protected against the sun's harmful rays. It is convenient and easy to apply, and smells pleasant. The children don't complain when you put it on because they know it will only be once (or max twice) if they stand still and let you do it properly.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Salina: The only thing that puts me off this is the price- it’s quite expensive for a sun cream as a family of 4 on holiday it would not last too long especially if needing to keep topping it up! The good thing is you don’t need too much to get decent coverage so it might make a little cream go further. I would be keen to find out!

Kara: Yes, I'd 100% always choose p20, particularly for holidays. It lasts longer than any other cream, has a higher level of water resistance, and sits lightly on the skin. It's all round, better than any other cream on the market. Because of the higher price point, I perhaps wouldn't chose it for warm uk days in the garden. But, I do feel it's a worthy winner for being, without doubt, the best quality product available.

Alex: I would chose this product against all other products as it is very convenient. The best feature I would say is that you only have to apply once a day. The only down side I can see to this product is the price point. It is quite a bit more expensive than other products on the market, but as the cream is only once a day then it will probably work out the same cost per use, but I feel that the initial cost could put some buyers off a little bit.

What changes would you make to this product?

Emilie: I really wouldn't change anything about this product. I guess I will say that at £28 it is of course quite expensive, so perhaps it could be a little bit cheaper. But then again it is worth it for the long lasting protection.

Natasha: It would have to be the price. It is very pricey for new parents. Having used it now I can see the benefits and time and worry it saves. Would I have paid £27.99 without knowing or having tried it, probably not. But I'd pay that now. Especially as I have twins and we go through products quickly before the opened shelf life is over.

Alexia: Design of the bottle, whilst the spray top is easy to use in terms of application of the suncream it doesn’t provide much protection against spraying the if the child gets hold of the cream and the covering lid is easily removed. Other spray brands such as nivea have a device fitted to the trigger which prevent it being sprayed when not in use

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