Scrubbingtons Full Range Review

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by Maria Martin |

Scrubbingtons is designed to scrub those particularly messy little ones of yours. All Scrubbingtons' products are made from 98% natural ingredients with no SLS, parabens or colourants and have all been tested and approved as suitable for sensitive skin.

With our planet in mind, Scrubbingtons bottlers are made from 50% recycled plastic (with the promise that they're working towards 100%). The Scrubbingtons Hand & Face Wash has an easy-to-pour refill pouch, which is also recyclable and has a 78-82% water, energy and plastic saving vs a bottle.

We spoke to these real mum testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Claire Diaper says: "This product is simply fantastic! my 3 year old daughter loved washing her hands, which is a winner especially through these current times. It was easy for her to pump alone and to see how much she had used. I found this product lasted a long time even with extra handwashing because she loved it so much!"

Julie Duncan says: "These products are great, our girls often complain of bubbles whilst washing hair despite using tear free products however they have had much less complaints over the scrubbingtons products, i think the foamy products seem to cause less irritation. The Bath bubbles are great and the right balance of fun for them without it being overloaded."

Emma Durrant says: "My toddler is able to use this independently and so it helps her learn handwashing and washing appropriately with less input from us. It also makes her more willing to wash in the bath as she likes the foam and the smell of the product. The bubble bath is great and I wish we’d had more of this product or it was easier to purchase refills locally as it worked really well for us."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Jessica Dyne says: "I would recommend this product as it is super easy for a young child to use and no need to worry about the contents pouring out and being wasted or spilled. The pump lets them know exactly how much they need to use and the foam allows them to easily see where they have washed. It allows for them to safely learn how to wash independently."

Christie Eardley says: "This whole range of products is beautiful. The design of the packaging is really appealing for kids. My 2 year old really likes the hand & face foam and the body wash as he likes the feel of the foam. A little goes a long way with the foams as one pump gives loads of product. The bubble bath gives loads of bubbles even just using a small amount so it goes far. I’ve been using for about 1 month now & not even used half of the bottle. It's really important to me that I don’t use things on my son that contain toxic chemicals that will irritate his skin so the fact that this range contains no nasties whatsoever is a massive plus! They’re really great for sensitive skin and he always smells lovely & clean after his bath. I wouldn’t say they have a particular smell, it’s more of a ‘clean’ smell but it’s beautiful! I also love the refill pouches – the fact that I don’t have to keep buying plastic bottle after bottle is amazing! Gorgeous range which I highly recommend to all mums and dads."

Carly Elford says: "I would definitely recommend the hair & body washes. The products go a long way and I love the fact that you can also purchase the refills to reduce waste. All in all it's great design/product and older toddlers will enjoy dispensing the product themselves which makes bath time more fun for them and gives them some independence."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Claire Diaper says: "The pumps and foam are so handy, often as a busy mum I am doing things one handed so easy to not have to pick it up! The children also found it easier to wash alone and the foam went a lot further than liquid that they tend to be over pour! the packaging was simple so would fit in with different schemes. I like the refill options instead of having to purchase the pump bottles again, so kinder to our planet. I will be purchasing these again."

Julie Duncan says: "I really liked the foam, it was a nice change to their usual liquid shampoos and soaps. I liked that they went overly scented however the bubble bath did have a lovely fresh scent. The reusable bottles was a massive positive for me and they were of good quality. Often kids shampoos dont have any conditioner which can leave their hair a little tuggy however this did include conditioner and i found it a nice change on their hair."

Emma Durrant says: "The range is easy to use for my toddler who struggles with standard soap dispensers. The foaming means it was easy for her to spread onto hands and work with. All of the items we were send smell lovely despite being non-irritant so very pleasant to use. The bubble bath was our favourite and made an excellent bubble bath with just a small amount of product. It is nice to be able to do a bubble bath without worrying that products will be irritant to skin."

What changes would you make to this product?

Jessica Dyne: "I wouldn’t necessarily change anything about the product. Although it is made from plastic, I don’t know how this could be improved being a product that is going to get wet etc other materials wouldn’t be useful. If I had to say one thing, I would love to see other fragrances available although the one I tried did smell lovely and clean."

Christie Eardley: "My one and only ‘criticism’ of the product is that the scent isn’t as long-lasting as I’d like. As I’ve said previously, it smells beautiful and, although it doesn’t have a particular smell, it is a really clean smell that we love. Comparing it to the range we used on our son previously that we could still smell on his hair the following day, the smell of this range doesn’t last long after his bath and after an hour or two has totally gone. This would be my only improvement."

Carly Elford: "The only thing I could change is the formulation of the bubble bath so it takes less product to get lots of bubbles. Unfortunately we did get through the bottle very quickly! I wouldn't change anything with the hair & body washes as they are a great product as they are. We really enjoyed using them."

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