Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes 64pk Review

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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

Finding the best baby wipes for your child's sensitive skin can be difficult. But, Mamia's fragrance-free Sensitive Baby Wipes will keep your little one's face and hands clean while being gentle on their skin.

How did this product make your life easier?

Megan: A good wipe that does not irritate my baby’s sensitive skin. It is quite good at getting up all the bits of poo, (I didn’t have to use lots of wipes on one nappy change as I have done with other brands of wipe) it is strong and the packet design means it is easy to get one wipe out at a time and they don’t dry up.

Elizabeth: Mamia baby wipes are brilliant for baby's face, hands, nappy changing and any other time when wipes are useful. They are not too wet but are perfect to clean up any messes and are thick enough so they don't just rip. They are perfect to be carried round in bag and easy to use and reseal to ensure they don't dry out. Using wipes is so much easier than using cotton wool or facecloths. These wipes are sensitive enough to use on very small babies too so great for out and about with newborn.

Laura: As a mum, I could not live without these baby wipes! I always make sure I keep a pack within easy reach, as they are not only an integral part of the nappy changing routine but also so useful during mealtimes and when out and about. The Mamia wipes are made from an extra soft cloth which means I’m more than happy to use them on my son’s face and all over his body.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kirsteen: Yes, in a heartbeat. Some of the other well-known brands are a lot more expensive and dry out quickly. This makes changing an explosive nappy impossibility difficult. These wipes are an absolute bargain and do the job perfectly. They smell nice, fit in a changing bag and don't give my son a rash. They are very good quality.

Alison: I would absolutely recommend the sensitive baby wipes to all of my mum friends - we've tried pretty much every brand on the market and I'd say that these are the best brand to clear up mess quickly and easily whilst not aggravating my little one's sensitive skin - I'd say they're as sensitive as water!

Lauren: The price and quality of them are something to shout about. At almost half the price of other wipes, I use for my son they are a bargain. I've found using cheaper wipes before they are usually really thin or dry but these are amazing I haven't had any of the issues mentioned. They definitely keep up with other brands. I cannot fault the wipes at all.

Would you choose this product to win?

Laura: I believe these Mamia wipes should win this product category as they are a really good value for money at 49p per pack. Having shopped around when my baby was first born, these are one of the cheapest packs of wipes on the market and really fantastic quality. For the low price, the packaging is really well designed with a plastic opening to keep the wipes fresh for the entire time you’re using the pack.

Megan: Yes, when buying a disposable wipe this would be my first choice. it is a good wipe for an excellent price. It works well at cleaning, is suitable for delicate sensitive skin I prefer reusable wipes for the environmental impact but when we are out we use disposable wipes and these are excellent for this with their strong pack and good functionality.

Elizabeth: I think these wipes should win because they are the only wipes that are soft, wet, thick and great value for money. I really like the way the wipes come out one at a time so you're not wasting lots coming out in clumps. The resealable plastic clip is also really useful for keeping them moist and they can be used on sensitive skin, as well as being soft enough even for newborn babies.

What changes would you make to this product?

Alison: The only thing I would change would be to make the wipes bio-degradable. With all of the concerns about waste these days, knowing that the wipes were not contributing to this problem would make you feel much more comfortable in using them. Other than that the wipes are fantastic and highly recommended.

Kirsteen: I honestly can't think of anything to change. The packaging is neat and effective - it keeps the wipes moist and tidy. I can get them out one handed when holding on to a wriggling baby. The price is great and they do the job properly. I have no complaints and no way to improve them as I think they are perfect.

Lauren: The only negative or thing I would change would be the green lid, I've found that sometimes they can easily pull off when trying to open, which can sometimes lead to ripping the packaging and the wipes can dry out. If they could be slightly more secure that would make them perfect in my opinion. The wipes themselves are amazing I cannot fault them.

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