Tesco Flo & Fred Loves Baby Ultra Soft Fragranced Wipes Review

from Tesco
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

Tesco Flo & Fred Loves Baby Ultra Soft Fragranced Wipes are lovely and soft. The packaging is durable and attractive, and the wipes are easy to pinch out of the packet, which comes with a re-sealable lid. They’re gentle on bottoms, hands and messy faces, and are also great for ‘out and about’ use. The texture and consistency of the wipes are good and they’re reasonably priced. Good value for money!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Nesrin: These are suitable for sensitive skin and I recommend them to all the mums out there. I also recommend them as a budget item. There is no point in paying a large amount of money when these wipes do the job.

Kayleigh: They are soft and kind on delicate skin, not only good for babies bottoms but also great for removing makeup when you run out of your own product! Along with this, they get out pen marks and other things that tend to stain my daughter's skin. A very handy product to have at home or have in your bag for family outings.

Liz: Yes. These wipes are very soft to the touch, fragranced but gentle on my daughter's skin. The packaging includes a click-close lid which I found more useful than I would have thought. The click-close lid makes for easy use with one hand and helps to keep the wipes wet. Wipes did not dry out like others I have used in the past

How did this product make your life easier?

Claire: These wipes are convenient while out and about and were effective for both nappy changes and cleaning sticky hands and faces. The easy opening was convenient for one-handed use. I have twins so this sort of feature is very important. I did think that the wipes were a little thin so I ended up using more than I otherwise would have done.

Joanne: They are quick and simple to use and so easy to throw a pack into an already overpacked baby bag. Suitable for not only nappy changes but for wiping sticky hands and faces too! They smell nice as well.

Toni: I would recommend this product because they are good quality and good value for money. They have a nice smooth texture compared to some other branded wipes. They are gentle on the skin and great for multipurpose use. The packets are lightweight and compact making them easy to store when out and about.

Would you choose this product to win?

Charlotte: These wipes do the job. They are perfect for how affordable they are. They clean well, are easy to open, have nice fun packaging, are easy to spot when in the shop between the other types of wipes plus they are not tested on animals.

Nesrin: Definitely. It is hard to find a baby wipe for my son as he has sensitive skin and these are perfect for him. I think this product stands out because they are high quality and a bargain. I definitely think this product should win.

Kayleigh: After testing this product I am now confident I am going to switch to Tesco fragranced baby wipes. Not only are they great value for money, the quality of the wipes are fantastic and can be used for the whole family on days out and also around the house. This is a winning wipe for me.

What changes would you make to this product?

Liz: I would suggest slightly larger wipes. My preference would be unscented. Overall I am surprised by how much I like these. They are very soft and gentle with no irritation on my daughter's skin which is normally sensitive.

Claire: I would make the wipes thicker. I used more wipes, creating more waste than I do with my usual brand. I would also remove the hard plastic closure and replace it with a sticky film closure to reduce plastic waste produced by the product. If Tesco could produce a biodegradable version of these wipes then they would be onto a winner!

Joanne: I would have preferred unscented wipes. The opening of the pack/how it attaches to the plastic seems to not be attached very firmly. Often more than one wipe comes out of the packet a time.

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