WaterWipes with Soapberry Review

from WaterWipes
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

WaterWipes with Soapberry are as pure as the original WaterWipes that are made with 99.9% water. Now they've added a drop of fruit and soapberry extract to gently cleanse your baby's delicate skin. These wipes are naturally kind as well as being suitable to use on faces, hands, and bottoms.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kate: These wipes are practical, safe and easy to use. The pack is a decent size in terms of them lasting a while but also suitable to carry out and about with you. They work well, particularly the wetter wipes at the bottom of the packet and you don’t need to use lots of wipes with each nappy change/face clean as they do the job well.

Amy: I love that these wipes are chemical and odour free. It was a nice step on from cotton wool in cooled boiled water for newborns and I didn’t have to worry about was in the wipes and being left on my new baby’s skin. They felt very clean and natural and good quality, some wipes are very thin or small and come apart but this felt strong and reliable. The packaging also feels high quality and sturdy.

Rebecca: These Water Wipes were easily accessible for when we were out and about and easily cleaned up messy hands and faces from food and snacks. It made me happier knowing that the contents of the Water Wipes were kind to my baby’s skin. The vast amount of water content made wiping up (nappy changes and face/hands) easier and quicker.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Bethan: Yes - I think the lack of ingredients, simple formula etc are very good. The packet is like any other baby wipes packet - and I'm quite eco-conscious so I appreciate that it doesn't have that hard rim of plastic on the top of it which always appears to be non-recyclable. The packaging is visually nice too.

Emily: I’d recommend these wipes to another mum because they’re really easy to use, the top of the pack close easily and they transport well. The wipes themselves are great at cleaning up sticky hands and faces as well as nappy change time but don’t have overpowering fragrance which can worry some parents.

Elizabeth: They are natural, perfect moisture and easy to have at home and pit and about. I believe these are thicker and better than other wipes where you only need one compared to 3/4 other brands! These are great for your baby's sensitive skin and my daughter often wipes her own mouth and I have no concerns with these.

Would you choose this product to win?

Kathleen: I usually use reusable wipes with water at home so these are the closest possible disposable option. I would always choose products with as little chemicals and synthetic ingredients as possible so this really fits the bill while the added soapberry boosts the cleaning power. I would choose these over standard water wipes.

Rebecca: This product should win because of the purity of the product and kindness to my baby’s skin. I am convinced that my baby got no nappy rash from using these wipes in comparison to other wipes on the market. They are evidence that all new mums should be encouraged to use water and cotton wool at all opportunities, especially when at home. This is the main thing that makes this product stand out. I think there is room for improvement with the packaging design and value for money.

Bethan: My children have sensitive skin and are prone to eczema so it's great to have a wipe with so few ingredients - knowing I'm minimising the number of chemicals that are going on the skin really puts me at ease and makes me feel more comfortable. I would certainly recommend them to other mums with children with sensitive skin.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kate: The wipes are the bottom of the packet are considerably wetter than those at the start of the packet. It is advised that they are stored upside down to prevent this from happening but it is easy to forget to do this. It would be better if the moisture was more consistently distributed. I think they are quite pricey but I bulk buy them when they are on offer and therefore find them reasonably priced.

Kathleen: Using biodegradable or plant-based components for wipes themselves would make them a clear winner in my eyes. I usually use reusable wipes but there are occasions that disposable is far more convenient so to offer water wipes with no nasties for both child and environment would really set them apart!

Emily: Just the cost, love everything about it apart from the wipes are quite expensive. I understand you are paying for the quality but I just feel they’re a little too pricey for the average parent so this could put people off. If I see them on offer I’ll definitely buy them as I really like the wipes!

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