15 best toys for 3-year-old girls

by Emily Thorpe |

As well as developing their vocabulary and learning more and more every day, at three years old, children's personality really starts to come through. Their imagination truly runs wild, which makes playing with toys even more fun. If you're after a gift for a special little girl or simply want to encourage their development, we've got the best toys for 3-year-old girls.

What type of toys should three-year-olds play with?

You'll want to ensure the toy you choose is developmentally appropriate for your little one. One meant for a younger age bracket may not be challenging enough while she may struggle to use a toy aimed at older children. It could also be potentially hazardous too. Here are a few types of toys to look out for...

Building and construction toys: Creating structures and building things is enjoyed by bother little girls and boys and encourages interest in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths). You'll want to go for building blocks, magnets, gears and water play toys.

Problem-solving toys: These skills start being developed from two years old so toys such as puzzles, board games and memory games will be a huge help.

Imaginative toys: Roleplay is an important way for children to learn and imaginative toys help them learn and get used to the world around them. Think shop sets, dressing-up clothes, kitchen sets and food toys.

Creative toys: Children are generally very creatvie and these toys will allow their talents to flourish, ready for attending school. These toys can also be a fun way of spending time together too.

• Interactive toys: These toys allow youngsters to get properly involved, usually using clever tech to capture their attention. They can also be a life-safer when you need a quick way to keep them occupied. Look for mini-computers, coding kits and more.

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