John Lewis reveals its top ten toys for Christmas 2022

John Lewis Top Toys 2022 - Amani

by Eleanor Weaver |

It's never too early to prepare for Christmas, especially when kids are involved. We've no doubt your little one has already got a wishlist building and a letter ready to pen to Santa. But sometimes, we all need a little inspiration. Thankfully, John Lewis has come to the rescue with their team of tiny toy testers and has announced the most coveted John Lewis Christmas toys to buy this year.

The panel of lucky under-12s has been able to whittle down hundreds of toys to just ten. Talk about one epic playtime!

With surprising throwbacks and triumphant returns, check out the best John Lewis Christmas toys worth keeping an eye out for in the run-up to Christmas.

John Lewis' top ten toys for Christmas 2022

1. Jiggly Pets Pink Pup

2. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse - The Book and The Film

3. John Lewis Wooden Pizzeria

4. I'm a Styling Styling Head Ella

5. Vtech JotBot (The Smart Drawing Robot)

6. Le Mieux Pony

7. John Lewis Wooden Workbench

8. LEGO Creator Expert 10293 Santa's Visit

9. Hot Wheels Garage Exclusive Bundle with the Hot Wheels 20 Car Pack

10. Play-Doh Ice Cream Cart

But of course, the different children on the John Lewis Toy Testing panel had their favourites:

Hannah, age three, loved the Jiggly Pets Pink Pup: "I love this puppy, it’s so cute and jiggly.” Meanwhile, Sebastian, age four, preferred the John Lewis Wooden Workbench: "I would like this for Christmas and I would get my mummy perfume.”

Harper, age six, had two favourites in the Lego and Vtech JotBot: “My favourite toy is the lego and this robot because it draws and it has a funny face.”

Amani, age three, was sold on the Play-Doh Ice Cream Cart: “This is the best present. I would make my mum a vanilla ice cream if I got this at Christmas."

John Lewis Top Toys 2022 - Harper
©John Lewis

Looks like parents are in for a treat too!

Alan Wright, Toy Buyer at John Lewis, said: “It’s always such fun to see toys that brought so much joy decades ago come back around. They are toys that capture the imagination time and time again and that usually means adults will have just as much fun playing with them as kids do.

“We are also seeing that creative play is still super important to kids and with toys like the exclusive wooden workbench through to the Le Mieux Pony they are engaging in role-playing which helps build confidence.

“The top ten offers toys suitable for kids of all ages from three to mum and dad's age!”

Shop the best John Lewis Christmas toys

Not all of the toys selected by the John Lewis Toy Testing panel are available to shop just yet. In the meantime, we've included some extras that kids will love.

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