Baby Uma Premium Leather Style Buggy Clips (2 Pack) Review

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by Mother & Baby |

Baby Uma Premium Leather Style Buggy Clips at a glance:

These premium Leather Effect Brown Buggy Clips are the perfect complement to brown/tan stroller handles. Made from durable performance fabric in complementary brown faux leather, each large matte black carabiner can handle 5Kg with ease. Sturdy yet lightweight, these beautiful yet functional pram hooks will bring ease to parenthood, yet with all the functionality you expect from a buggy clip that will do all the hard work for you.

How did this product make your life easier?  

Elena: These buggy clips have been great for me as a busy mum. They have really helped to ease my load when rushing about; holding bags, rucksacks, and lunchboxes, once, I even managed to use them to hold a discarded scooter! They are also so versatile, many times I have used them around the house and the car to hold bits and pieces and just generally help me have extra hands!

Jayne: These clips are a great pram accessory! They effectively hold bags you need easy access to whilst walking or additional shipping bags on a big spree, that won't fit in your basket. The clips look beautiful so not only are they functional they look pretty too. The clips also have the added bonus of being so neat that when the pram is folded you can leave them on the chassis in transit.

Zuzana: I was very excited to be testing the Baby Uma Premium Leather Style Buggy Clips as I did not own any, I used my bag that came with the pram instead. However, this was a life-changer. The space under the pram is decent but sometimes not big enough for my shopping so using the clips to hold my shopping bags was such a great and useful idea! I also found it very useful around shops as I could use it to hang clothes on it. It is something I did not think I needed but now that I have used it I cannot really imagine shopping without it. I still prefer my pram bag when I go to a coffee shop where my baby might need changing for example, but it has been an incredible help when shopping. I even used it for some of my baby's toys to entertain him now that we changed his pram to a buggy. If mums worry about their shopping bags being too big or heavy they should definitely try one of these and make their lives a lot easier!

Would you recommend this to other parents?  

Alison: I would definitely recommend or buy these for my friends. They look stylish, are well made, and a generous amount of velcro means these are very secure. Importantly these clips definitely improve hygiene by keeping bags and belongings up off the floor. These clips are fitted in seconds and it is very easy to put things on and off of them.

Emma: It’s an absolute lifesaver! No more trying to squish everything in the baskets or balancing acts required! They are lovely and stylish, with the options of colours to match your pram handles - not just plain black! Love the fact they look durable and strong. And they don’t slide around like other brands I’ve used before!

Chloe: They are extremely sturdy clips, they easily hold the weight of my sons buggy board. They make life a lot easier by allowing you to easily attach your changing bag or shopping bags without having to sling them over your shoulder while pushing your pram. They don’t slip at all which I have found with some previous hooks in the past so you don’t have to constantly reposition them. The hook itself is also a good size which means you can easily get both handles of a bag through one clip.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?  

Elodie: Yes- they’re a little more expensive than others but not significantly so. They do however look much nicer and look like a premium product. I think they’re worth the extra money. Looking at similar ones which are available, these look much nicer. That said, there are plenty of other similar products so they’re not a groundbreaking invention.

Ellen: I would choose these clips again as others I have tried came lose or couldn’t support the weight I needed them to. They’re smart and look good on the buggy. However, I’d like to try them in a different colour or two to go better with my buggy and changing bag, so a range of finishes would be nice. My other clips don’t work as well but are black and rose gold and I like how those look more.

Zuzana: Before I received my Baby Uma Leather Style Buggy Clips I did not own any other buggy clips as I was purely using my pram bag. Therefore I cannot compare this product to another product on the market from my own experience, however, by having a good few mum friends I can definitely see the difference in the buggy clips I have received and the buggy clips they own. There are two things that are really important to me and two reasons why I believe that this product is a lot better than the products I have seen before and these are - the style - I believe that the Baby Uma leather style buggy clips look expensive, really smart and rather luxurious compared to the boring looking buggy clips I have seen on my friend's prams. And another important thing for me is how it fastens, the clips stay where you put them and don’t travel around the pram handle which I would find very annoying.

What changes would you make to this product?

Ellen: I would change these clips so they come In a range of colours, but nothing about them in terms of usability or practical application needs changing. If it were possible to have a range of loop sizes or multiple loops and hooks on one clip for different bags that would be brilliant but that’s not something I’m aware of anywhere really!

Jayne: I am usually the one who can find an area for potential improvement with any product but I am struggling with these buggy clips. For my stroller, where the handle is much thinner, they have to be overlapped more, to securely tighten but are still very secure. I don't know if other colours will be made available but light grey shades with silver clips would tone in with a lot of strollers which would be nice. The tan colourway looks fab though.

Elena: The only area I would improve would be the strength of the carabiners, whilst attractive they are nowhere near as strong as a climbing one. Whilst the guides say they can hold up to 5kg each sometimes I felt that they were struggling with the load. Having them be able to hold more even if it made them chunkier or more expensive would be great.