The best suitcases and travel bags perfect for your family holiday

by Emily Fedorowycz |

With so many changing bags, carriers, and products on the market, it's hard to know where to start when it comes to travelling with a baby.

Non-parents don’t realise just how much stuff, space and sweat is required for a quick Tesco shop, let alone taking kids on a plane. We nearly explode into a puddle of nervous shivers at the very thought.

When it comes to holidays, it's a tough job finding a luggage with space for essentials like clothes, nappies and toiletries, along with all the toys and books you'll need to occupy a little one on the plane/in the car!

We've compiled a lovely list of all the best family-friendly suitcases/travel bags out there, which we bet you'll be huge fans of...

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XL Shoulder Bag, £79, Kipling

Another Kipling triumph, this stylish shoulder bag is bigger than a normal tote bag, with a sizeable interior to stuff in all the toys you might need at the last minute! The strap is both removable and adjustable and the finish is water resistant and durable, meaning this bag will last a long time. One little bonus is it comes with a clip-on furry Kipling monkey that baby will absolutely love playing with in long queues for the plane.

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