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by Catriona Watson |

Car Shades at a glance:

These Car Shades are manufactured in the UK and are made to fit your car make and model exactly. You can open your windows easily without removing them. They are easy to fit, they keep kids and pets cool, they block out bugs, add an extra level of security, they feature UV protection and anti-glare and they are alternative to window tints.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Jayne: The product is lightweight, easy to put up and provides excellent shade from the sun. It comes in a handy carry case. I can put the shades into the car a lot quicker without assistance as well as removing them very quickly and pain free. The sun is completely blocked out due to the fact they fit my windows perfectly.

Sarah: It keeps the sun completely out of the babies eyes as the shades cover the whole window. It also allows you to have fresh air flowing through the car as you can open the back windows while the shades are still in place. They look smart and I have had a few complements on them already! Not many car shades do the boot window too.

Jessica: These car shades are an absolute must for babies and children. Being custom fit to your car windows means there are no worries about sun coming through the gaps unlike generic car window shades. They are super easy to fit with clear, simple instructions to follow. The fact that these are fitted to the inside of your car's window surround rather than the window itself means you can operate your window as normal to allow fresh air in.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Stevie: I would recommend this to a friend for a number of reasons. I was very impressed with the quality and ease of fitting them into the car, the design is very clever and you can fit them in just minutes. Also they are easily removable if you wish to do so without removing the clips. And they do a great job at stopping the sunlight coming into the car and therefore keeping the car nice and cool inside.

Anna: I’d recommend them because they look great, and they take away the stress of the suction type car shades. They look sleek and quite chic. When the window is open, they look good from the outside - also the fact that the shade is still in place when the window is open is great, my little ones get fresh air and shade at the same time. Because they’ve been fabricated to fit the windows of my car’s make and model exactly, the back of the car looks very stylish.

Emily: They come in a bag which means are easily transportable, they can be removed easily by me and the kids are less likely to be able to pull them off the window which has happened previously when I used the shades that attached with suction cups to windows. They are an exact fit so don’t allow slits of sun to get in at either side

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Charlotte: The product was super easy to fit and fits specially to the car window which means there is no sunlight getting round the very edges of the window. Something else which I had not considered before using this product is that you can have the window down to allow a breeze to keep the back of the car cool. I like that the whole of the back of the car is covered - this helps to block out sunlight but also make the back of the car slightly darker when you are trying to encourage a nap!

Sian: I am really happy with these sun screens, butI think price point would have deterred me. I had already purchased one set of sunscreens which I gave to charity. They were useless and I was searching for another product to buy. It’s expensive getting it wrong as a mum, multiple purchases of the same item is really frustrating. That’s where I think Car Shades are standalone - it’s an initial investment but then you have a product that fits your car perfectly as prevents the light coming through. Job done.

Jayne: This is a little more expensive than I usually would pay for something similar but the fact they fit exactly to the window would make me buy these. Also the way they are attached to the window means they don’t come loose unlike ones I have previously purchased that have sucker attachments which usually fall off.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sarah: I don’t think the instruction manual was very clear. It only had pictures and when we were installing we were second guessing ourselves. I think if it also had written instructions along with the photographs that would be much better and less confusing. I also think the market price is quite high for car shades.

Jessica: The only thing I can possibly pick up on is the sunshade that is fitted to the rear window has a joint down the middle of the sunshade. For me, it's not a massive deal as it's only small and does not take away from being able to see out of your rear view mirror but if this could be changed in future I think the sunshades would benefit from this. I could see it being a problem for some customers that wouldn't like to see the join.

Stevie: Being completely honest I wouldn’t change anything about this product it is very clever design and it does exactly the job it needs to do. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product to friends and family, And if I ever change vehicles I would most definitely purchase again to fit the new vehicle.

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