Chicco Chairy Review

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by Stephanie Anthony |

Chicco Chairy at a glance:

Chairy is the only high chair that can be used as a standard booster seat (0-36 m) and as a first chair (12-36 m). It evolves following your baby's growth thanks to the adjustable height and the removable tray and belts. It's also super compact and convenient to use.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Rebecca A: This chair makes life easier as a mum because it allows my daughter to sit safely at the table, giving me peace of mind that she isn’t going to wriggle and slip onto the floor. This means it can be used for a variety of activities, as well as meal times such as painting and drawing. Furthermore, it is very easy to clean with a simple wipe of a damp cloth and I therefore don’t have to worry about any spillages. I really like that the seat height is adjustable meaning it will grow with your child and provide a safe seat for a long period of time. This makes it a very cost effective product to purchase.

Kimberley: We recent went away with our 10 month old which gave us the perfect chance to test out the Chairy. It folds down pretty compact, is light and easy to store. It was so much more convenient than a large high chair. We even took it out to restaurants. Quick and easy to unfold my only criticism would be unfolding the legs could be a little easier and the tray is sometimes hard to attach, it looks like you're slotting it in the correct place but it isn’t.

Sarah A: This product is great once it is set up and in use. It feels sturdy and is easy to clean. The best feature offered in my opinion is its versatility - it can be used as a floor seat with or without tray or can be attached safely to a chair for the child to sit at the table as a travel highchair. The versatility definitely would help life as a travelling mum. It is easy to clean and therefore I feel the product would offer hygiene. It feels sturdy and I feel that an older toddler would be safe in this.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Natasha: It’s really quick and easy to use, folds flat for easy transportation and attaches to any chair safely so you don’t have to worry. Our high chair does have a removable booster but it’s very chunky so I would recommend the chairy as an alternative to that. It’s also got a nice little pattern but is gender neutral, easy to clean and store because it folds flat.

Olivia: It’s very easy to fold down, and folds very small. It’s easy to use, the instructions are easy and clear - it’s very versatile. It’s great quality and very strong. Nice and secure. The colours and patterns are very nice. It folds compactly so would fit in any car and is so handy if somewhere doesn’t have a high chair for you to use!

Sarah B: I would recommend this product to fellow mums with weaning age kids - particularly those living in smaller homes as the product is very compact compared to other free standing highchairs on the market. Is also feels a lot more sturdy and safe than some of the softer on chair booster type products that are available.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Rebecca B: I would choose this product over similar ones on the market as it is very good quality. The seat is padded and comfy for the child, and it is sturdy and strong, but lightweight and easy to carry. Very adaptable and can be used in a wide range of situations, and great if going somewhere where there are limited facilities for kids. Definitely a great product.

Kimberley: I would choose this product as it is a good looking stylish product, it looks well made and easy to use. The material is of a high quality and you can clearly see it is compact and fit for purpose. It would be nice if it was to come with other colours or even perhaps a spare seat insert so you have an extra one when washing.

Rebecca A: Having used other booster seats, the one feature that really stands out for me with the Chairy is the fact that the seat height is easily adjustable. The other products which I have used were fixed at one height and this limited both their longevity and use. Being able to adjust the seat height means it isn’t just for meal times. My daughter loves to sit at the kitchen table to paint and draw and she can now do this easily and safely. Unlike other similar products available on the market, the Chairy easily folds flat for storage and transportation. It is very lightweight and would fit into a large suitcase for holidays if required. The safety straps that come with the chair are easy to adjust to most chair styles allowing a versatile fit and I really like that they can be removed when not required so they are not lying around creating a trip hazard.

What changes would you make to this product?

Anna: I found Chairy fiddly to collapse, particularly at first. The instruction manual is very unclear and I had to spend a lot of time searching online and trying different things to work out how to assemble and collapse the chair. The YouTube video made by Chicco helped me to better understand how the chair worked, but still wasn’t clear enough for me to work out how the chair opens without a bit of trial and error!

Adelle: I would make the ability to change the height so it works under tables better. Also, I would make it more slimline as we have tried a few times where chairs have been too narrow for it to fit on and therefore you cannot use it as there is no way to secure it properly. The design is good and seems to be secure.

Sarah B: If I could change one thing about the Chairy I would make it height adjustable (which is probably quite a feat of engineering) as I found the tray sat much lower than our table due to the height of the seat on my chair and this made feeding a little awkward. I would also make it so you could remove the tray component and easily slide it up to a table for older children who just needed a booster to give the product longevity.

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