CuddleCo Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner Review

from CuddleCo
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

CuddleCo Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner is a universal memory foam pushchair liner that adapts to your baby's individual body shape. This pushchair liner provides maximum comfort and support to keep your little one calm and cosy for longer. With the correct combination of foam density and firmness levels, the liner helps to maintain good posture for your child and delivers support for the ideal anatomical seated position, essential for those precious early years.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Anna: The Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Liner is a great product for my baby. I can see how comfortable my baby feels now when we go out. The product is easy to fit into the pushchair, with holes for the safety straps to go through. The softness of the liner helps my baby to relax and sleep more peacefully during our walks. Knowing my baby is comfortable and happy makes my life a lot easier!

Charlotte: I love the design! The black and white stars are really nice and gender neutral. This is always great as you can use the item for another baby. The reverse side is very soft and slightly fluffy. It is perfect for winter as I imagine it would be lovely and snuggly for my baby. The liner took very little time to fit and would be easy to fit onto other prams.

Anna: It is a good price. The colours and patterns are lovely. Whilst I don't think we actually need it for the pram we have, my nine-month-old is comfortable and is happy to sit on it. It is soft and easy to attach to the pram using the straps. It says it can be washed but we haven't needed to do this yet.

How did this product make your life easier?

Hanna: This is a great stroller liner as it adds a layer of protection and comfort for your baby. It's a universal stroller liner so can fit into different strollers. Often with strollers, there isn't much padding or comfort in the seat so this liner has helped make day trips out with my toddlers more comfortable. It is easy to wash and so I don't have to worry about them ruining the pram with their food!

Victoria: The memory foam is thick, soft and feels very comfortable. The baby appears comfortable in it. I especially like how it seems to help her posture as she likes to sit upright and the memory foam supports her in this position more than the pushchair would alone. She has had many naps using it.

Lianne: The liner is really easy to unpackage and took me no time at all to put into my pram. It is a lovely design. We tested the robot pattern which is nice and bright. It doesn't match with our pram but if used in a plain buggy it would look even better and really jazz it up. For the price you could have a few to update your buggy as and when it suits. It's super comfortable for my baby and the cushioning will last well. It wipes clean easily and is machine washable which is always a bonus with anything for little ones.

Would you choose this product to win?

Billie: I’d definitely choose this product to win. Most pram liners aren’t waterproof but this one is easily wipeable. It is so easy to keep clean. It has lovely patterns and really bright colours which I bet all babies would love! I know my little girl did.

Stacey: The liner had lots of really good features. It is machine washable and air dries well. It is memory foam which is great at adapting to your baby's shape providing comfort and support. It is a universal fit meaning it will work well in most buggies. We have used it in both of ours and it fits really well. The designs available are good and as they are reversible this gives more choice. In comparison to our other liner, this is great as it provides more padding and comfort. I feel the price is appropriate for the product.

Usha: This product is excellent. The price is extremely reasonable and the materials seem to be of good quality. It's brilliant in the sense that it's a universal fit so you don't have to worry about it not fitting your buggy or pram. I would definitely recommend this product. It has a nice design too.

What changes would you make to this product?

Anna: The only downside for us is the shape of the Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Liner. It is slightly square at the top which doesn't fit our stroller exactly. For that reason, it has to be folded outwards to lie them in properly. A more rounded shape at the top would fit our stroller perfectly. Although this is such a minor disadvantage. With all the other great features, we are very happy to use it even like this.

Charlotte: I would make the Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner slightly longer. At the moment it just fits the seat part of the stroller and not the back of my little one's legs. This is a very minor point. Overall, the Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner has been fantastic but this might make it even comfier for her.

Hanna: The designs of the stroller liners are quite loud. A liner which was more neutral or plain in colour would be nice. I don't think the colours/designs of these liners are to everyone's taste. I received a black one with white stars which wouldn't have been my ideal choice.

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