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cosatto-Woosh Double
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by Stephanie Anthony |

Cosatto Woosh Double at a glance:

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Katie: I have never seen such a quality and comfortable double buggy. My girls are very naughty and cry all the time, but they love this stroller and quite happily sleep in it. It also doesn't take up a lot of space. I'm very happy with it, I recommend it to everyone, it is really high quality and affordable.

Bonny: It's really nice, it's comfortable, my kids loved it, they sleep very comfortably when lying down, it's very light, and it doesn't take up much space. It's not a bumpy ride for the little ones too. My friend saw it and I recommended it to her so she bought it!

Inaaya: This pram was really nice and easy to set up. It makes life really easy as I can have my toddlers in there side by side and not struggle. The buggy is a really nice design and can be styled in different ways, although it is bulky and big also very heavy so needs to be steered right but it should not be a problem.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Frances: Yes - excellent foldability, easy to store, good fabrics, funky design, light weight to get in and out of the car. Really easy buckle mechanism, not faffy at all! Also good to wipe down after the inevitable vomit/food stain. Can also fit my 2 year old in so the seats are good sizes and last a good amount of time giving more value for money in the long run.

Inaaya: I would definately recommend this as its a great design comes with extras like muffs and can be decorated as per choice of footmuffs. Material is strong and sturdy its difficult to manouvere if you are used to light weight then it will be a struggle but its a good pram with basket underneath to hold. And folds easily wothout issues

Phyllis: The Cosatto Whoosh Double is well built and sturdy, I feel very confident putting my babies in it, they settle nicely, their bodies are well supported and they look very comfortable in it. The design is eye catching, the Fika Forest theme is lovely, we have had a few compliments and the babies seem to like the colours. The Whoosh Double, though a bit on the heavy side, is easy to unfold, fold and push. I was delighted that it fit through our doors - this was initially a worry as we unpacked and set it up. My babies are still young with not a lot of mess yet, however, the wipe clean surfaces would make for good hygiene once we get into the messy stages. The Whoosh Double has a few little features that have proven to be very useful - the hood pocket is very handy for storing phones, keys, little hand sanitisers, muslins, little pack of baby wipes and disposable face masks for quickly nipping into the neighbourhood shop. Checking on babies through the viewing window is also nice to have.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Inaaya: I would choose this amongst others on the market, but what I didn't like about it was the weight - it's very heavy. Although the pram is compact when storing it can be a handful when lifting so that is definitely something which I struggled with. I was easily able to open and close it.

Frances: There are a few main points as to why I would pick this pram over others on the market 1. The fabrics - they are stylish, fun and good quality - makes a change from the boring blacks! 2. the foldability - it folds neatly and stands self erected so I can get past easily in my hall, which is much better than many other prams I have used that end up dirtying the paint work etc!

Phyllis: The Cosatto Whoosh Double is top for its great design, build and sturdiness. However, it is quite heavy compared to a couple of other products I have tried. I only use it for local walks as it is a bit too heavy for me to lift in and out of the car boot. I would really have loved the Whoosh Double to be lighter weight and more compact so we can easily take it along with us everywhere we go. On this basis, I would opt for a lighter weight product because managing two babies is already hard enough. Another observation is that there doesn’t appear to be adequate shock absorption by the tyres, they vibrate quite vigorously when they go over tactile pavements, sometimes this awakens our sleeping babies.

What changes would you make to this product?

Frances: The wheels. Unfortunately I find the wheels are the only thing that let this product down. They don't look as sturdy as the rest of the pram. I found when on a slightly bump pavement the smoothness of the ride seemed poor. I would also change how far the hoods come down - I really struggled to keep the twins in the shade!

Katy: I'd improve its sturdiness, you can feel it moving as you lift it up and down curbs. I have used Cosatto for all 4 for my children before my twins, but this doesn't match up in my opinion. Also the size is too wide to fit into local shops and even my door, I have to put kids in it outside and thats not ideal.

Inaaya: Its weight definately as is the main struggle I had with the pram. I liked the other features of it and found it to be great to take out and about with me but it also got really tiring when manoeuvring it as it wasn't easy. I found the raincovers a tad tricky to put on at first but got used to it after my third try.

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